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Canada’s Envoy Examines Anti-Rohinyga Atrocities

Horrific accounts of sexual assault, aerial bombings, beheading and attacks on children with machetes offered Canada’s special envoy to Burma a first-hand experience of the violence committing against Rohingya Muslims.


These Men Are Helping Rohingya at the Bangladeshi Borders

These men have come to the Bangladesh-Myanmar border to help the Rohingya who are fleeing death and persecution in Burma. They are small business owners & taxi drivers who felt it was their duty to help their fellow Muslims. They bring water and dry food to the Rohingya who are stuck on the borders. Read …

How Did Islam Spread in Rohingya?

Islam in the Kingdom of Arakan

The Arakanese first received the message of Islam from the ship wracked Arabs in 788 A.D. Such ship-wrecks were occurred over and over in the coasts of Arakan and Chittagong.

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