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Remembrances of My First Ramadan

Remembrances of My First Ramadan

I recall being very lonely during my first Ramadan. As a new convert, I woke up for sahur (meal before fasting) and ate it alone, broke my fast alone and prayed Tarawih Prayer alone. I was a university graduate student and I lived alone…

The Only Way to Feel Satisfied

The Secret to Feeling Satisfied

Despite having the world at our fingertips, we often feel dissatisfied. The new clothes we purchase lose their novelty. The marriage we thought would fix our problems eventually moves out of the honeymoon phase. The amount of money in our bank accounts…

5 Ways to Remember to Do Things on Time

5 Ways to Remember to Do Things on Time

How in the world are you supposed to keep a promise when you keep forgetting all about it? It creates a lot of guilt, and the more you forget, the more that pile of guilt keeps increasing. But think: Is that guilt doing any good? In fact, it only adds to your stress level, and stress is one of the things that hampers memory.

6 Ways to Weep For Allah

Tears of Mercy - 6 Ways to Weep For Allah

Next time you ask Allah for something, do so with emotion. How would you cry for help if you were drowning? Would it be a monotone emotionless call? When you make dua, focus your whole body and mind on that request and strive to cry.

Life of Remembrance

A Life of Remembrance

It is dhikr that purifies your heart and makes it sound. And you can only attain salvation and true success by having a pure and sound heart. The ‘heart’ referred to here is not the pump in your breast that pushes blood around your body but rather the center…

How Prayer Makes Us Better Muslims

By praying at these times during the day, Muslims are constantly reminded of Allah. By praying these prayers at these specific times their entire day is made holy, lived in Allah’s presence. Of course, just like everything else, if they become mere routine…

Remember That Allah is Most Merciful

If Allah loves us, He will put us through hardships according to the level of our faith. Be sure that if you have good in your heart, He will reward you with better than what was taken from you, or hardships you have faced.

4 Steps to Boost Dhikr

Prayer after Prayer, you should recite these beautiful words. And beyond that, remind yourself as much as you can and throughout the day, especially as you expect something to happen, or not to happen, that everything happens only as He commands, and by His permission.

Working with Excellence for Our 9-5 Jobs

Every moment of work should constitute good worship for the sake of God, so it’s not healthy if we go through the motions just for worldly gains and remain disappointed about our accomplishments in the process.

Calming the Dunya - Living for the Hereafter

In everyone, there are souls that wish for ease, a life that borders luxury, a trip to an exotic country for a month without lifting a finger for work. But between all of that, it is so easy to be distracted from our dues towards God and be deceived by the simple promises that this world makes.

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