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Why Do Millions of Muslims Go to Hajj?

Hajj is a unique occasion when God is specially merciful to His servants. He answers the prayers of all those who undertake the pilgrimage with sincere faith. The pilgrims should rely wholeheartedly on God’s forgiveness and mercy and pray to Him with sincerity and devotion.

5 Secrets of Wealth You Should Know

5 Secrets of Wealth You Should Know About

Know that wealth is like a serpent, in it there is both poison and medicine. The religious benefits of wealth are three kinds: The first kind is money spent on yourself for the acts of worship, specifically the provisions necessary, to allow you to focus on remembrance and meditation…

Similarities Between Scientific and Religious Extremism

Similarities Between Scientific and Religious Extremism

Religion and science are two of the most important governing aspects of the world. Science aims to understand the natural world, its existence and its workings, whereas religion deals with the spiritual, and ascribes the existence and the workings of the natural world to a higher being, a deity, or a God. According to surveys, …

Homo sapiens sapiens

Are We Homo Religiosus?

Scientists now know that anxiety and stress weaken the immune system and increase the chances of not surviving an otherwise survivable illness.

All You Need to Know About Worship in Islam

Being Religious Without Being a Jerk

Many have witnessed this story: A young man or woman who used to be friendly, well mannered, who treated people well, sadly turns into someone who shows mild annoyance upon meeting people who follow a different religious opinion. They show anger when presented…

Modern Primitiveness or Primitive Modernity?

Why people in the era of enlightenment, reason, reawakening, modernity and science still seem comfortable with their state of not knowing the answers to the most fundamental questions which, when all is said and done, signify a dividing line between civilization and primitiveness or backwardness…

Taking Care of Things at Home - Whose Responsibility is it?

A religious young person should safeguard the weaker members of the family from having to leave the home too much. He should take care of their needs himself. He should go to the shop for them. His home is not some hotel where he goes to sleep, eat, and drink…

Muhammad - Are You That Awaited Prophet?

Up to the time of Jesus (peace be upon him), the Israelites were still awaiting for that Prophet like unto Moses prophesied in Deuteronomy 18:18. When John the Baptist came, they asked him if he was Christ and he said “no”…

Muslim Prayer

Come to Prayer! Come to Success!

If we are worried and anxious – why not try God? Why not, as Immanuel Kant said: ‘accept a belief in God because we need such a belief’? Why not link ourselves now ‘with the inexhaustible motive power that spins the universe’?”

Religious Tolerance in Muslim History

Muslims believe that God (Allah) is the Lord of all people on earth. He is not just the God of the Muslims. Because of this, Muslims have a very great responsibility to act with justice and kindness to all those who have not yet come to the fullness of truth.

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