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Where Do All Religions Come From?

Short Answer: As said in the Holy Quran, Allah created Adam and Hawwa (Eve) and made them live in Paradise (the Garden). They disobeyed Allah’s command and consequently were sent out of the Garden, down to earth, which Allah designated as a place of residence for Adam, Eve and their children. That is how human life …

Dear Friend People Of All Religions Should Be Friends

Dear Friend, People Of All Religions Should Be Friends

Imagine being a 5th grader and being sent death threats! This is what happened to one little girl but the community rallied around her with messages of love and support! You Are Loved: Support Pours in for Threatened Muslim Girl

Homo sapiens sapiens

Are We Homo Religiosus?

Scientists now know that anxiety and stress weaken the immune system and increase the chances of not surviving an otherwise survivable illness.

Jesus & The Link Between Two Major Religions

Jesus & The Link Between Two Major Religions

I took the magazine to my room and skimmed through the pages. One name that kept coming up was “Jesus”, and how we had to have him part of our life. As a youngster, my ‘Google’, in the days before the internet, was my mom…

Religious Symbols

The Origins of the Crescent, Cross, and Star of David

Salam Dear Sister, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. With regard to the origins of different religious symbols, I will explain the history of the four examples you mentioned in the question in details. The Cross The chief symbol of Christianity today is the cross. Christians view it as a powerful …

Parliament of the World’s Religions Returns to Toronto

Announcing “The Promise of Inclusion & the Power of Love” as its next theme, organizers of the 7th Parliament of the World’s Religions are looking for world-changing outcomes from the more than 12,000 delegates expected to convene in Toronto, Canada, November 1 – 7, 2018.

Why Wasn't I Told This About Fasting

Why Wasn't I Told This About Fasting?

It is not just Muslims who fast. All major religions have advocated fasting. Many famous scientists, painters, philosophers have practiced fasting. Leonardo Da Vinci fasted and advocated it. Confucius also practiced and advocated it as well as Gandhi. Pythagorus advocated fasting and when he had an exam, he fasted for 40 days just for the …

Why Do Non-Muslims Hate That I Am Now A Muslim?

Why Do Non-Muslims Hate That I Am Now A Muslim?

Everyone has a hole in their life that they are looking to fill. Some choose religions, some choose alcohol, some choose extreme sports. The question arises when a non-Muslim suddenly accepts Islam, many non-Muslims think new Muslims are not intelligent. They do not think to pick up a book and read. A very important speech …

Muhammad - A Man Much Needed for the Current Time

Our present world needs to know Muhammad. At this time in history humanity needs inspiration from exceptional people whose teachings transcend race, sex, religion, culture and even time by speaking directly to the human heart. With globalization forcing people of different…

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