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Why Do You Read Quran?

Why Do You Read Quran?

To attain a faithful relation with the Quran, you need to read it with no purpose other than to receive guidance from your Lord, to come nearer to Him, and to seek His good pleasure. What you get from the Quran depends on what you come to it for. Your niyyah (intention and purpose) is …

Revive Your Relation with the Quran (10 Hadiths)

These 10 Hadiths Will Revive Your Relation with Qur'an

Amidst our fast-paced life, we tend to forget a very important question: How well is our relationship with the Qur’an? How much time and effort do we spend in reciting, studying and understanding this Guide, granted to us by Allah to lead a successful and happy life? I think it will be embarrassing for many …

How Can I Develop a Closer Relationship with the Quran?

How Can I Develop a Closer Relationship with the Quran?

A strong relationship with the Quran is very important for a true Muslim. In a tumultuous world full of temptations, distractions and puzzling questions, you need to connect with Quran to get tranquility and peace of mind. The Quran is the greatest book in our lives. It was sent to us as a guide.It teaches …

Eternal Challenge: Prophet & Book of Allah

Eternal Challenge: Prophet and Book of Allah

Part 1|Part 2|Part 3 The Quran is the Book of Allah and Prophet Muhammad was itsrecipient, conveyer and interpreter. He never claimed it to be his own words, but rather constantly admitted its divine source. In fact, the Quran itself bears evidences that refute any claim that attributes it to Muhammad (peace and blessings be …

Virgins for Men in Paradise, What about Women? (Video)

Unable to Recite Qur'an Well? It's Not That Bad

He kept trying to recite the Qur’an but he could not read that well. This young man had a sensitive personality; one time he was listening to the radio where small children were reciting the Qur’an; a young boy recited so beautifully that the teacher commented, ‘Subahan Allah, you have a really pure soul …

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