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Asma Khan: British Muslim Cook with a Message - About Islam

Asma Khan: British Muslim Cook with a Message

The inaugural National Geographic Traveler Food Festival took place at in London on July 20-21 featuring a selection of some of the UK’s most well-known chefs. From John Torode of Masterchef fame to Gennaro Contaldo, whose protégé Jamie Olivier is a household name. New on the scene is a British-Indian Muslim lady, Asma Khan, who …

Freezing Weather Adds to the Misery of Syrian Refugees

Freezing Weather Adds to Misery of Syrian Refugees

Adding to their endless suffering,a wave of snow and rainfalls has struck Lebanon, destroying camps of thousands of Syrian refugees in the country. This is not the first time this happens, almost every year they suffer from harsh cold, heavy rains and snow. “People are sick. Everywhere there is water. We cannot sleep at night. …

A Doctor Reports on Humanitarian Mission in Rohingya Camps

From Rohingya Camps, A Doctor Reports on Humanitarian Mission

The ongoing Rohingya crisis in Myanmar is a catastrophic humanitarian emergency thathas claimed thousands of innocent livesand displaced more than 700,000. Those who have fled Myanmar to neighboring Bangladesh live in makeshift camps withvery limited resources. Dr Taruj Aliis currently on ahumanitarian mission to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh offering medical and humanitarian relief in the refugee …

Syrian Refugees in Zataari Develop Their Own Businesses

Refugees in Zaatari Develop Their Own Businesses

Zataari in Jordan, the world’s fastest growing refugee camp , home to 80,000 people, was supposed to provide temporary housing when the government and United Nations opened it in 2012. But since residents have not been able to leave, they have started their own businesses. The UN estimates that there are 3,000 businesses inside the …

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