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8 Ways to Manage Stress with a Spiritual Boost

8 Ways to Manage Stress with a Spiritual Boost

With a traveling husband, a strong willed child, and a business for which I have to juggle between new product development, design sessions, marketing, blogging, social media, I can assure you that I have plenty of stress. Stress has become a normal part of our modern life but I find that taking some time to …

Reflection – The Profound Step in the Journey to Allah

Reflection - The Profound Step in the Journey to Allah

This step is about isolation and reflection. This is a profound way to come closer to Allah (SWT), and to actualize what we did in the previous steps. The repentance, the awe, the sincerity could be actualized by isolating yourself and reflecting.

7 Steps for an Interactive Quran Recitation

7 Steps for an Interactive Quran Recitation

Let the printed words and reciter’s voices therefore recede and allow yourself to move nearer to the Speaker. This feeling will be generated and greatly strengthened as your consciousness of ‘being in His presence’ continues to grow.

Remembering Allah Goes Beyond Repeating His Name

Remembering Allah Goes Beyond Repeating His Name

A believer’s heart should always be filled with the remembrance of Allah. Forgetfulness and negligence are the main weaknesses of human beings. The only remedy is that the believer should develop God-consciousness and be constantly aware that Almighty Allah watches him. All acts of worship aim at drawing man closer to Allah. The Qur’an says, {Establish …

Glimpses From My Hajj Experience

Glimpses From My Hajj Experience

There at Hajj, I was forced to reflect. I had nothing else to do – no blinking devices, no blaring televisions, no nagging friends to distract me. I simply had nothing else to do. And the scenes around me stimulated reflection. They were drastically different from the usual scenes at home.

Muhammad visit Cave Hira

Why Did Prophet Muhammad Often Visit the Cave of Hira'?

Short Answer: Mostly, he was thinking and meditating on the Greatness of God, and seeking to escape the social ills that dominated Meccan society at the time, including abuse and neglect of women, idolatry, an unfair balance of wealth, and abuse of those living in poverty. It was during such a time that God sent revelation …

Reflections on My First Ramadan

Ramadan is for me a time of “renewal” and I have been able to break away from particular traditional practices in order to find those spiritual practices that enhance my personal relationship with the divine.

3 Steps to a Deeper Relationship with the Quran

When we pick up the Quran to recite it, our intention must not be to just obtain rewards and blessings from it, in the form of obtainment of provision and/or dispelling of sorrows, even though these are undoubtedly among the sweet fruits of reciting it that we taste in this life.

Get to Know Surat At-Tahrim – With Brother Nouman

This surah is very unique. It’s got stories that are not mentioned anywhere else, and references and subject matters that have not been combined in a way that have been combined in this very brief 12 ayah surah. I will start by giving you an illustration of how things are organized inside this surah that helps us appreciate the subject matter.

How is a Muslim Supposed to Dress?

One of the quirky questions reverts are often asked when embracing Islam is: “Do you have to dress like that?” That often implies the long dress coupled with the headscarf for women, and not to mention, those that are predominantly black, as popularly portrayed by the media.

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