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8 Toxic Parenting Habits That Destroy Our Children

8 Toxic Parenting Habits That Destroy Our Children

Maybe you know all of them, may be you know some. But, do you have any of these habits? If yes, you got to stop immediately! 8 Toxic Parenting Habits That Destroy Our Children Posted by Now I've Seen Everything on Monday, 3 December 2018


How to Guide My 4-Year-Old Son?

In this counseling answer: “To help your son recognize study time or play time, set up an easy schedule and stick to it. Morning is a good time to work on a concept that requires more attention to detail. After breakfast you could help him work on the alphabet or numbers for about 15 minutes. Then he …


Looks Like an Angel, Acts Like the Devil

In this counseling answer: “Don’t always say “no” to your child as this will cause disappointment and despair. Your approach should be more “yes” than “no”; the ratio should be around 5 to 1.Suppose your son comes one day asking to paint on the wall. Calmly take him to his room, put up some flip …

How Can I Make My 3-Year Old Love Allah?

 In this counseling answer: “It is very important at this early age to pinpoint to the blessings and bounty of Allah. Again, this has to happen, in the context of the daily life routine. This can be done very easily. “Do you know why we are able to hear? Because Allah blessed us with ears. Without His …


How to Approach My Disbelieving Children?

In this counseling answer: This sister reverted to Islam recently and she doesn’t know how to deal with her disbelieving children. Therefore, the counselor advises her to not pressure them to believe or even to understand. At this point, the only thing should be to ask them to accept/tolerate and respect. Just have discussions with …


Why Are Some Gifted More Than Others?

As salamu `alaykum. Thank you for your several questions, which are all quite challenging. Firstly, I would just respond overall that we should all see ourselves, every single human being on earth, as being created to serve. The best people are those who are most useful to others. Yes, Allah has given each of us …


The Golden Rules for Raising My Child

In this counseling answer: “Deprivation of something they like makes a good way to reinforce the lesson you are trying to teach, but punishment without her understanding only teaches her that you do not love her (in her mind). If there is a series of bad habits that your daughter is developing, be merciful and try …


Raising My Child Islamically at My In-Laws' Home

 As-Salamu ‘Alaykum, Family relations can be the most difficult of all of life’s challenges. Your son at 15 months is in an environment where he is apparently being pulled into two different directions. There is a struggle going on in your home between you and your husband, and your in-laws, and the child is at …

Raising child in the west

Fear of Raising My Child in the West

As-salamu `Alaykum, May Allah guide you and your child and open your heart to the straight path. One of the toughest jobs is being a parent. Even though Allah has blessed us with children, they really don’t belong to us; they are a trust put in our hands, and Allah at any time could take these …

tips for Muslim parents

7 Tips for Muslim Parents on "Why Aren't My Kids Practicing Islam?"

Being a Muslim parent in a non-Muslim country is a real challenge. From struggling with them to pray or come with you to the masjid to convincing them that having a boyfriend or girlfriend is not allowed for Muslims, things could become very complicated. Thus, trying to get your kids  on track and become practicing …

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