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Raise Children

A Convert Sister: How to Raise My Children to be Muslims?

In this counseling answer: •I would kindly suggest sister that you go at your own pace concerning learning, wearing hijab and so forth. •Make it a priority to learn your prayers and keep your 5 daily prayers in addition to gaining Islamic knowledge by reading the Qur’an, going to the Masjid and Islamic events as …

How to Make My Daughter Love Prayer? - About Islam

How to Make My Daughter Love Prayer?

In this counseling answer: •Children learn by example and if youareuseto praying in your room, you may want to pray in a more public part of the home so she can see you praying and pray with you. • You might also want to add some nice bonding time after prayer such as sharing a …

Teaching Islam

Ex-Wife Against Teaching Islam to Our Toddler

In this counseling answer: •Islam is a powerful religion, and it needs no defending. If your ex-wife tells your daughter not to listen to you, this is indicative of how threatened or concerned she feels with her daughter learning about Islam. •Focus on loving and caring for your daughter. Be the Islam that you want …


10 Ways to Get Your Kids Love Prayer

As Muslims, we all know the importance of Salah (prayer). It is the first thing that we will be brought to account for in front of Allah (swt), and is the most important pillar of Islam after the Shahadah. Thus, it is so important that we encourage our children to form the habit of praying, …

I Want to Convert to Islam, What About My Son? - About Islam

I Want to Convert to Islam, What About My Son?

In this counseling answer: •As a Muslim, your duty before Allah is to raise your child to know Allah and his relationship with Allah. In a marriage of a Muslim man and non-Muslim woman, the children are expected to be raised as Muslims. •Because your wife is currently of another faith, you cannot stop her …


Are Your Children Ready for Ramadan?

Ramadan is always a very special time for Muslims all over the globe. It’s a time for closeness to our Creator, for spiritual healing, for asking for forgiveness and seeking Allah’s pleasure. However,sometimes we don’t really know how to make our children feel the uniqueness of this holy month; some other times it is even …


Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids Kindness

Whoever is kind, Allah will be kind to him; therefore be kind to man on the earth. He who is in heaven will show mercy on you. ~(Abu Daud: Tirmidhi) Teaching children to be kind in today’s world where they see violence everywhere, makes it more important to instill kindness from a young age. A …

How Can I Establish An Islamic Home? - About Islam

How Can I Establish An Islamic Home?

In this counseling answer: ”I would kindly suggest that if you are near an Islamic community that you attend theMasjidregularly and get to know some sisters there. Strive to build lasting friendships as our sisters can be our greatest source of strength and encouragement. You willinsha’Allahenjoy cooking dinners together, or going out for a bite …

7 Tips on Talking to Kids About Homosexuality

7 Tips on Talking to Kids About Homosexuality

“Homosexuality has gained greater acceptance as an “alternative lifestyle” in the last 10 to 20 years in North America. Public school sex education, under the rubric of “Family Life Education” generally teaches an acceptance of homosexuality, a respect and/or tolerance for it. As is the case with sex education in general, there is little to …

When Our Kids Want to See Allah - About Islam

When Our Kids Want to See Allah

In this counseling answer: •Children learn their first teachings from their parents, so the parents need to teach them by example, for instance, raise your voice withdu`aa’ when the children are around so that the children copy and memorize. •Try to engage them in your daily activities such as group Prayers when they are around; …

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