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Haramain Railway Open to Public: Have a Look

JEDDAH – Inaugurated three weeks ago, the $6.7 billion Haramain high-speed railway, which links Islam’s two holiest cities of Makkah and Madinah, is now fully operational, Ilmfeed reported. The 450-km railway is projected with an annual target of 60 million passengers. It will reduce the time required for hajj pilgrims and citizens to travel between …

Makkah Light Rail

Makkah Light Rail Undergoes Tests Before Hajj

MAKKAH – The Chinese company which constructed Makkah Light Rail has started on Wednesday, June 20 the testing of the railway in preparation for Hajj, which starts in August, China.org.cn reported. China Railway Construction Corporation Limited (CRCC) was in charge of the construction of Makkah Light Rail. The company regained the operation contract worth US$93 …

Moving 3 Million People a Day During Hajj

With Allah’s personal invitation to Makkah extended to every able Muslim throughout every age, Allah continually guides the service upgrades to ease the Hajj experience. And, considering the current realities of moving three million people a day during Hajj, every step of the journey clearly reveals the marvelous blessings Allah mercifully bestows upon his obedient …

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