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Confrontations Between Good and Evil Are Here to Stay

Confrontations Between Good and Evil Are Here to Stay

Following the New Zealand tragedy, much has been said and written about Islamophobia, hate, racism, extremism, etc. The causes, objectives and modi operandi of the unfortunate phenomena have been dealt with extensively and with different degrees…

Islamic Prescription for Racial Discrimination (Part 1/2)

Islamic Prescription for Racial Discrimination

{I am better than him: You created me from fire and You created him from clay} (Saad 38: 76) This was an infamous racist statement made by Satan, or the Devil, in his arrogance and disobedience to Allah. The story of Satan and Adam is a clear demonstration of how dangerous racial superiority can be …

Race, Discrimination and Bigotry in Islam

Islam Towards Racism, Discrimination and Bigotry

The religion of Islam is not confined to any nation, race or ethnicity; it is for the entire human race. It’s universal. It brings together the entire human race under one umbrella of equality and unites them in their ultimate purpose of worshiping Allah alone.

Has Prophet Muhammad Changed Your Life?

Has Prophet Muhammad Changed Your Life?

Indeed, never in history has a man influenced mankind, even beyond his death, so deeply and so pervasively as he has. He brings light and peace to countless hearts and lives. They love him more dearly than their own selves. In him they find their greatest source of inspiration and guidance.

Islam is a Marathon - Not a Sprint

Islam is a Marathon - Not a Sprint

Like a marathon, Islam is a long-distance course. It is a life-long endeavor that requires training of the self. It also requires patience and perseverance.

Our Beloved Prophet Leads us to Unity

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad leads us to Unity, to our Creator who is Al Wahid (The unique) and Al Ahad (The one). In doing so he also leads us to unity within the ummah, among its diverse people, languages and cultures. Thus the ummah is not only a theological concept, it is our praxis, our way of life.

Are Black People Going to Hell According to Islam

Protecting the Muslim Identity in the West

We can begin to protect our identity by understanding it. By understanding that our purpose will always be our purpose whether we accept it or not. The path to Allah will always be the path to Allah, whether we choose to take it or not.

Follow the Direction and Race in Good

We must have a direction that we’re facing; we must have a vision; we must have a strategy; we must have a purpose and a mission as living in this planet as believers of God and people who are trying to live as exemplify and call to His way.

Deeper Reasons For My Shahadah

The Muslim accepts no man as a mediator between himself and his God. He goes direct to the invisible source of creation and life, God, without reliance on saving formula of repentance of sins and belief in the power of a teacher to afford him salvation.

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