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Quran Chapters: Divinely Revealed Names?

Asalamu Alaikum Warina Hope you are doing well. May Allah Almighty reward you for sending your question. Indeed, it is always good to hear from our brothers and sisters and be able to provide them with information that can help them better understand their religion.  Muslims believe that the divinity of the Quran and its …

Who Divided Up Quran into Surahs and Verses

Who Divided Up Quran into Surahs and Verses?

In this episode, Dr. Qadhi discusses the following questions: Where did the names of Surahs come from? Who did divide up the Qur’an into Surahs and ayahs?
What is the meaning of A`udubillahi Min Ash-Shaitaan Ar-Rajeem (the Isti`adhah)?

Modern World

Noble Qur'an Amid Digital World

In modern times we have become accustomed to living on our own as if God didn’t exist. Many people feel that religion is no longer relevant, and that ancient books of religious teachings have been replaced by modern books of science and progressive thinking.

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