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Malawi Muslims Plan Qur’an Yao Translation

The Muslim community in Malawi has rolled off a project to translate the Holy Qur’an into Yao, a language spoken among 99% of Muslims in the secular, but diverse southern Africa nation and in neighboring countries.

Qur’an, Prayer: Secrets of Real Madrid Star

Unveiling the secrets of his special performance, German national team star and Real Madrid midfielder Mesut Özil is keen on reciting verses of the Noble Qur’an and performing a short prayer before any football game.

Muslim Miss Universe

A beauty pageant for hijab-clad Muslim women who can recite the holy Qur’an in Arabic and participate in the welfare of their society has been held in West Jakarta to choose Muslims’ ‘Miss Universe’.

Tests Prove Jesus Marriage Papyrus Genuine

After two years of extensive search and tests, scientists have asserted that they found no evidence of forgery in the ancient papyrus referring to Jesus marriage, a discovery expected to challenge a Christian belief that Jesus was not married.

Indonesian Chorus “Sings” Qur’an

A video showing Indonesian orchestra playing for a singer who sings the Qur’an verses has sparked angry condemnations across social networks, rejecting the performance as against the teaching of Islam and failing to pay due respect to the Noble Qur’an.

Russia Bans Qur’an Translation

One year after a controversial ban on classic Hadith collections and books on the Seerah (biography) of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), a Russian court has ordered the destruction of an interpretive translation of Qur’an, inviting a storm of fury from Russian Muslims.

Ireland Tops World in Islamic Values

A new survey by a leading US academic has found that Ireland leads the world in embodying Qur’an teachings of justice and Islamic values in a list where Western societies came at a leading position ahead of many Muslim-majority countries.

10-Year-Old Autistic Boy Memorizes Qur’an

A ten-year-old Palestinian boy with autism has succeeded in studying and memorizing the entire holy book of Qur’an, setting an example for people suffering from autism worldwide.

“ISIL Has Nothing to Do With Qur’an”

Spending 10 months as captive for the so-called Islamic State (ISIL), French journalist Didier François said his captors were usually engaged in political discussions and “didn’t even have the Qur’an”.

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