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Night Prayers Two Times

Ramadan's Night Prayers, Why Two Times?

Short Answer: The best time forTahajjudis to delay it to the last third portion of the night, according toSunnah.Tahajjudkindles the divine flame within us to receive true illumination in the darkness of the night.It opens the window to the heart for light to enter its dark crevices where problems are waiting to be solved. _____________________________________ …

All About Last 10 Days of Ramadan and Night of Qadr

All About Last 10 Days of Ramadan and Night of Qadr

The upcoming 10 nights are the holiest in the year. In one hadith, `A’ishah, the wife of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) tells us about the Prophet’s special preparation for this highly blessed period and how he used to spend his time during it.

Tahajjud Prayer

How Many Rakaahs Is the Tahajjud Prayer?

Short answer:Tahajjuddoes not entail a specific number ofrakaahs, and there is no maximum limit. Just onewitris enough. …………. SalamSister, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Tahajjud(Arabic for: optional late night prayer) does not entail a specific number ofrakaahs(units of prayer) that must be performed. Nor is there any maximum …

Why Taraweeh and What Is Its Meaning and Origin?

Why Taraweeh? What Is Its Meaning and Origin?

Taraweeh prayer is one of the remarkable specialties of Ramadan nights; for the whole month, Muslimsline up at night to observe a number of optional rak`atandlisten to and reflect on the recitation of the Qur’an. It is a very blessed and highly spiritual experience. Below, Sheikh Sharif Faizullah highlights, in 10 points, valuable information about …

What Is the Importance of Qiyam-ul-Layl

What Is the Importance of Qiyam-ul-Layl?

Short Answer:Qiyam Al-Laylis an act of worship that connects the heart to Allah and enables it to overcome the temptations of life and to strive against one’s own self, at the time when voices are stilled, eyes are closed in sleep, and sleepers are tossing and turning in their beds. _____________________________________ SalamKareema, Thank you for …

15+ Hadiths on Optional Night Prayer (Qiyam)

15 Hadiths on Optional Night Prayer (Qiyam)

As themonthof Ramadan is approaching, it is smart to plan to maximize your gains in the blessed month. Qiyam-ul-Layl or optional night prayer, also known as taraweeh and tahjjud, is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. The merits of this special worship are numerous. It is praised in various Quranic verses and …

What Prophet Said When He Arrived in Madinah

What Prophet Said When He Arrived in Madinah

In an inspiring connection between our spiritual life and physical life, the Prophet lists praying at night along with feeding the hungry, greeting each other and maintaining family ties.

What is Qiyam-ul-layl? A Prayer to Get Allah's Blessings

What is Qiyam-ul-layl? A Prayer Full of Blessings

Allah chose this particular time for supplication and worship because it requires us to put in that extra effort to earn His blessings and rewards by fighting against our sleep and waking up just for the sole purpose of connecting with Allah (SWT). Waking up for…

cant pray tahajjud

Can't Pray Tahajjud: How Else Can I Draw Near to God?

Short Answer: Basically,tahajjud isvoluntary, so it’s not required of you. Moreover, if your doctor has advised you against it, know that harming your body for the sake of worship robs you of the benefits of that extra worship. Wemust care for our body, and this is also an act of worship. Maybe try one of …

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