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Learning to Prevent the Self

Learning to Prevent the Self

We control ourselves to stay away from sin even when we feel like rushing to do them. And we do it only because we fear Allah and want His pleasure. That is the end goal. That is our destination, and that is achieved by having self-control.

Paul Quran

Why Isn't Apostle Paul Mentioned In The Quran?

Peace to you, as well, Joseph, and thank you for this question. Before I converted to Islam, I was a very devout evangelical Christian. I worked as a missionary, spreading the message of Jesus’ death as an atonement for sin. In order to do this, I attended a Bible college wherein we took many classes …

Beautify Your Inner Self - About Islam

Beautify Your Inner Self

Just like we take care of our outward appearance, wear nice clothes, and worry about public tastes in our manner of grooming, we should also take care to beautify our inner selves. Just as we would hate to go out in public in a disheveled state, we should also be aware that the corruption of the inner being is far more odious.

Forgiveness and Purity of the Heart - About Islam

Forgiveness and Purity of the Heart

Is forgiving beyond human capacity? What does the Quran have to say about forgiveness? Are there certain innate qualities that make them more likely to be forgiving than others?

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