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"Scholars Are Not Psychiatrists!" Dr. Qadhi on Faith & Depression

"Scholars Are Not Psychiatrists!" Dr. Qadhi on Faith & Depression

Scholars are not psychiatrists or therapists. Once, I remember in the summer of 1999 (or 2000?), I was giving a lecture, and during the Q and A someone handed me a question about depression. While I don’t remember exactly what I said (and alhamduililah that particular lecture wasn’t recorded), it was along the lines of …

Religion Might Be Answer to Depression

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression, experiencing symptoms that include feelings of emptiness, restlessness, hopelessness, helplessness, anxiety and loss of interest in most activities. Depression can sometimes be so severe that it compromises one’s ability to function normally. “Any one at any stage of life can …

A Time for Myself

The Islamic Prayer means absolutely everything to me. I am able to connect with my Creator five times each and every day. It is a one-on-one connection without a mediator — just me standing to pray in awe, reverence, and thankfulness, bowing in humility and prostrating in adoration.

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