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Story of Khadijah & Muhammad (Part 5)

The first few days and months after the initial Revelation were full of wonder and awe for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Khadijah (may Allah be pleased with her). Eyes sparkling, hearts filled with faith, Khadijah and Muhammad (PBUH) woke up every morning with renewed purpose, a sense of clarity and inner peace. However, they also …

Khadijah & Muhammad’s Life: Love Into Action

Time passed, and the young man of twenty-five whom Khadijah married became a father of four daughters, adopted father to Zaid ibn Haarith– and increasingly sorrowful. Khadijah and Muhammad (PBUH) were both witness to the raging violence of their society. Horrified, they held their daughters tightly as they saw others around them bury infant girls …


Khadijah & Muhammad: The Story of Love & Faith

Khadijah bint Khuwaylid – her very name evokes an image of strong, dignified femininity, of refined prestige and quiet power. She is remembered as a woman of strength, of compassion, of faith; the woman who was the first love of Prophet’s life, and who remained in his heart long after her death. Khadijah (may Allah …

Two Ways of Collective Quran Study (Part 2)

Two Ways of Collective Qur’an Study (Part 2)

The following guidelines should help in making the group study effective. Study Circle Participants One: The number of participants should be 3-10; with no great divergence in the levels of their knowledge and intelligence. Anything less will make it a dialogue, anything more may hinder the active participation of everyone. Two: The stress should always remain …


Love in the Time of Quraysh (Part 1)

Love is a powerful theme that features throughout history, with the power to launch a thousand ships or destroy a country. Zainab, daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is an example of the strength of love and a Muslim woman’s patience and courage. Although her story does not feature as prominently in Islamic history as some …

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