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Van Damme Says He Follows Prophet Muhammad

Martial artist and Hollywood star Jean-Claude Van Damme has said that he follows the example of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) when asked about healthy eating.

Dr. Yasir Qadhi: Story of the Night Journey (Video)

youWhat is the meaning of Al-Israa’ and  how it differs from Al-Mi`raj? And what exactly happened in that blessed journey? Join Dr. Yasir Qadhi in this recount of the events of the Night journey from the very beginning at Ka`bah. Learn about: – Al-Buraq and its first reaction when it saw the Prophet (peace and …

The Prophet’s Contribution to Human Thought

To arrive at a correct appraisal of the Prophet’s contribution to human thought, one has to view it in the background of the history of the world as a whole. That would reveal that this unlettered dweller of the desert of Arabia, who was born in the ‘dark ages’ some 1,400 years ago, was the …

The Biggest Performance of Your Life: Prayer

The scorecard for our prayers is the example of the Prophet Muhammad. Doing your best to perfect the prayer postures and constantly pulling your mind back to the remembrance of Allah throughout, can lead to true success and Allah.

Prophetic Respect for Christians and Jews

The Prophet strengthened his relations with Jews by marrying a noble Jewish woman, Safiyyah who became the mother of the believers. The Jews of Madinah were involved in all the battles against Muslims, directly or indirectly, and secretly or openly. After this marriage, the Jews desisted from fighting against Muslims.

Prophet Muhammad's Communication Skills

As a timeless example for mankind, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, had six main spheres of communication working in parallel all the time: the first sphere was his connection with God; then with his family; his companions, the Muslim community…

Hussein ibn Ali: Raising Little Beautiful Ones

Hassan and Hussein thus were regarded by the Prophet himself, as the leaders of the youth of Paradise. Their upbringing, which was filled with love for Allah and the Quran taught Hassan and Hussein that there was no compromise when it came to Islam, their faith that had been perfected by Allah.

4 Things I Didn’t Expect When I Got Married

I have learned through trial and a lot of error, that you cannot build a loving relationship by tearing each other apart. You cannot build a loving relationship without first showing a little mercy.

Read: A New Language

Read,” the first revealed Divine Command, implies more than an exhortation or an obligation but is, rather, interwoven into the fabric and structure of the message itself.

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