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The Wise Mentor & the Enthusiastic Companion

“The most compassionate of my Community towards my Community is Abu Bakr; the staunchest in Allah’s Religion is Umar; the most truthful in his modesty is Uthman, and the best in judgment is Ali.”

The Modest Lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) knew the reality of this world, its brevity and its temporary nature. So he lived in it not in affluence but as a poor person, enduring hunger one day with patience and eating one day with gratitude…

Prophet Muhammad: Master of Tolerance

Since Prophet Muhammad wished to avoid war at all costs, he strove to bring about a peace agreement between him and the Makkans. After great efforts on his part, the non-Muslims agreed to a ten-year peace treaty, which was drafted and signed at Al-Hudaybiyyah, a place outside Makkah.

Nation and Nationhood: What Would Muhammad Do?

We must respect what is unique in ourselves and we must do the same for others. Prophet Muhammad is clear on this matter too, and in his final sermon he reminded us about diversity and the need for solidarity within the Islamic nation.

How Did the Shi’a Begin? (Part 2)

Subsequent to the passing away of the Prophet, the people eventually elected Abu Bakr as their caliph and temporal leader. The office was purely a political matter, not a religious one…

Dad, Why is it Hard to Say I Love You?

The Prophet of Allah hears their little voices, he listens to their song. He comes up to them taking time out for them. “Do you love me?” He asks. “Yes, yes! We love and respect you O Messenger of God.”

A Prophet from Mosul

A Prophet from Mosul

The turning point in that conversation was when the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon Him) related to the name of Nineveh, which is a village in the area known today as MOSUL. It was a discussion starter that brought up memories and images in both `Addas’ minds and of course in Prophet Muhammad’s. He …

Responding to Hostility with Good Manners

When someone is hostile towards you, anger is a natural response. However, just because you have been provoked gives you no excuse to react in a hostile manner. There is great wisdom in controlling anger, as succumbing to it can lead to a host of negative scenarios that are difficult to extricate yourself from.

Aisha’s Marriage in Focus

The practice of marrying early was not an aberration to the people during the time of Prophet Muhammad and Aisha. Christians, Jews, and pagans all married very young. So if we are going to criticize Prophet Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha, why don’t we have a problem with King John of England marrying 12-year-old Isabella of Angoulême?

Get to Know Surah Al-Saff – with Brother Nouman

Believers, why do you say what you don’t do? Why do you declare God’s perfection but it does not reflect in your character, speech, behavior and lifestyles? That contrast is continuously made in all of these “musabbihat” between the submission of all existence in contrast with the submission of human beings, particularly the believing community.

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