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Thinking of Zina? Learn from Yousuf (AS)

Zina is a big issue today and it is  challenge that many of our youth face. Thinking of zina? Then we can learn from Yousuf (AS). What Is The Real Meaning of Zina (Adultery)?

When a Prophet Is Jailed.... How Prophet Yusuf (PBUH) Coped

When a Prophet Is Jailed.... How Prophet Yusuf (PBUH) Coped

How did Prophet Yusuf (peace and blessings be upon him) face the difficult experience of being jailed for no reason? What did he do when approached by his two mates in prison who asked him to interpret their dreams? And what lessons can we learn from the story and apply in our daily life? Join Sheikh …

The CV Of Prophet Yusuf AS

The CV Of Prophet Yusuf AS

It is important to market your skills to get the job that you desire. Prophet Yusuf (AS) did just that when he asked to be the Finance Minister.

Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?

Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?

If you are one of those who are trying to change the world but wonder where to start, probably answering this question is a good idea. Go down deep inside yourself, beyond your university degree, career title, and the 2-3 letters that may exist on your business card (whether you have an MBA, PhD, MD, …

Prophet Jacob

Did Prophet Jacob Love His Son Too Much?

Short Answer: In surrendering to His will, we are not denying our humanity. We are completing it. This submission, does not destroy human free will, nor does it take anything away from our faculties as humans. We can submit to Allah and still have love in our hearts. There is no contradiction. _____________________________________ Asalamu Alaikum brother, …

Prophet Yusuf

The Story of Prophet Yusuf and the Wife of al-Aziz

Short Answer: The whole story is a trial from Allah for Prophet Yusuf. The Quran tells the stories of the prophets in order to make Prophet Muhammad’s heart firm and for us to draw lessons from their lives. What we can learn from this story is patience and submission to God’s destiny. In difficult situations, we should put our …

Believe in the Promise of Allah: Birmingham 2018 Convention

Allah’s Will always prevails, even though most people do not understand how Allah helps people. He then suggested a number of key points to remember and practice, starting with tawakkul, or reliance on Allah. Don’t fear the future. Have trust and faith with confidence and reliance on Allah.

Prophets Separated From Families Throughout Time

These Prophets Were Separated from Families Too... What to Learn from Them?

With unfortunate events worldwide and children being separated from  families,  I was tempted to research how families who are separated adapt and survive. This curiosity led me to a story where three young boys in the US had been adopted by different families. These three young men grew up with no knowledge of each other. As …

stories incomplete

Why Are The Prophets' Stories Incomplete?

Short Answer: Quranic narrations of events in the lives of the prophets are like illuminating relevant scenes from their lives, so that future generations can derive good lessons from them. This means the stories of the prophets are not meant as their biographies. Allah states in the twelfth chapter of the Quran that there are lessons in …

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