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Prophet's mosque

The Prophet's Mosque as a Rehabilitation Center

Since its inception, the Prophet’s mosque in Madinah functioned as a community development center. It performed numerous religious, educational and socio-political roles and functions. It was a center for religious activities, a learning center, the seat of the Prophet’s government, welfare and charity center, a detention and rehabilitation center, a place for occasional medical treatment …


Was the Prophet Unjust to the Jews?- Part 2

Short Answer: As for the Prophet’s treatment of the Jews in general, there are many examples that show his kindness to them. For example, a young Jewish boy used to serve the Prophet and he became sick, and so the Prophet went to visit him. It is reported that a funeral of a Jew passed before the …


Was the Prophet Unjust to the Jews?- Part 1

Short Answer: When the Prophet settled in Madinah, he wanted to create a cooperative community and establish an exemplary civil society at a time when Arabs couldn’t even imagine what a civil society looked like. He established the Charter of Madinah, or, what I like to call, the constitution of coexistence. In this constitution, all signing parties — including Muslims, Jews, …

Sun of Islam Rises in Madinah

Sun of Islam Rises in Madinah

What did Islam and the Prophet (PBUH) bring to Madinah? Before Islam, the people of Yathreb suffered a bitter sense of schism and tribalism. Nevertheless, the new religion and its wise Prophet managed to suffuse a different atmosphere of harmony and cordiality. Not only did he dispel the clouds of rancor from the sky of …

Muslim Leaders Vow To Protect Minorities

Quoting the declaration made by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)in Madinah more than 1400 years ago, a galaxy of Muslim scholars have released a declaration vowing to protect religious minorities and forbid all forms of persecution.

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