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Science Lover

How Can A Science Lover Believe in God?

Short Answer: Beyond all this, there is another world, one which is not accessible to us now, nor is it perceptible in any way to our five senses. God alone know the unseen and The Quran is His Final and Perfect Guidance to man. You need to study it because it is a matter of …

How Can I Prove to Myself That Allah Exists? - About Islam

How Can I Prove to Myself That Allah Exists?

Short Answer: One way of being convinced of Divine existence is to read the book of Allah. Approach the noble Quran with a desire to know the truth and to be guided by it. While reading the Quran, imagine that Allah is talking to you personally. Also look at yourself and see how miraculously you …

Finding God

Finding Love or Finding God or Both? Part 2

Part 1 Salam (Peace) Brother, As I said in part one, you will say, as an agnostic, you do not believe that God exists. Alright. How do we know that YOU exist? Really. We have not seen or heard you ever before. But you know, the thought of you not existing didn’t even occur to …

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