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Prophet Muhammad Has Never Broken a Promise

Prophet Muhammad Never Broke Promises

After the peace agreement the Prophet was also able to open new avenues to spread Islam outside Arabia. He wrote to the kings and rulers of all the states surrounding Arabia, or ruling in the far corners of the Arabian Peninsula, informing them about…

5 Promises of Allah to the Believers

5 Beautiful Promises of Allah to the Believers

Allah has made beautiful promises to the believers in the Quran, how then can we be sad when one of our duas is not answered. We should instead strive for righteousness, enjoining good and forbidding evil, remembering the promises of Allah for His slaves…

The Power of Dua - A Real Life Story

The Power of Dua - A Real Life Story

This is one of the real life stories of du’a that I have seen in my life that I hold on to very dearly. It showed me so much… It taught me that Allah listens to all du’a and He answers as well.

The Bible and the Quran on Abraham and His Sons

Abraham (peace be upon him) had two sons: Ishmael and Isaac, also known as Israel. There is, without doubt, in the existing version of the Bible, an undisguised bias in favor of the Israelite branch of the family and there are clear attempts to confuse…

The Quran’s 7 Steps to Peace

Cultivate an earnest and sincere desire for peace, harmony, and conflict resolution. It may be hard at first, but the tranquility that follows is well worth sacrificing a bit of pride. Where Allah sees a desire for reconciliation, Allah will come to the rescue.

Doing Good Deeds - Any Benefits?

I find it helpful and supportive to always remember God’s words before committing any bad or good deeds. Stop and think before you act, will this deed increase my scale of good or bad deeds?…

The New World that Awaits You

The Quran is the only weapon for your frail existence as you struggle against the forces of evil and temptation in this world. It is the only means to overpower your fear and anxiety. It is the only ‘light’ (nur), as you grope in the darkness, with which to find your way to success and salvation.

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