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My First Ramadan Wasn't What I Expected

My First Ramadan Wasn't What I Expected

How can I describe my feelings, my state of my mind during the first two weeks? I felt light, but deeply rooted in myself and in the world; a lightness and openness for the things that lay ahead of me that I have never felt like that before. Devotion to the present…


Having Healthy Posture Is Islamic

Islam comes from the Arabic root word “salama”. It denotes peace, security, safety as it does submission and surrender to God. To achieve this safety and wellbeing, Shari’ah encourages you to have both good mind and body. Beingthe complete way of life, Islam stresses the importance of maintaining good health.Itconsiders health as a basic human …

Sincerity Towards The Almighty - About Islam

Sincerity Towards The Almighty

I noticed the lack of sincerity in my heart, and I noticed the pride I had developed at being part of this prestigious choir, and I decided to step down. I could not handle the feeling that I was more interested in people believing I was pious than actually being pious.

Why is Divorce on the Rise among US Muslims? - About Islam

Why is Divorce on the Rise among US Muslims?

Couples seemed to be more down to earth in their matrimonial expectations, they exerted more effort to resolve any marital issue and spouses didn’t need to work so much outside the home.

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