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15+ Ramadan Tips for Western Muslims

15+ Ramadan Tips for Western Muslims

Allah the Almighty has blessed us with special hours such as the pre-dawn hours (sahar); with special days such as Friday, the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah and the Day of `Arafah; with special nights, such as the last ten nights of Ramadan and the night of Power (Laylat Al-Qadr) and with special months like …

Ditch Your Ramadan Checklist!

Ditch Your Ramadan Checklist!

I can remember my first Ramadan and in my eagerness to succeed I overwhelmed myself. My plans included: read a juz (portion) of the Quran each night, pray 20 units tarawih each night, learn 5 new chapters, learn the Arabic alphabet. I didn’t complete every…

Ramadan Preparation for New Muslims - Where to Start?

Ramadan Preparation for New Muslims - Where to Start?

Everyone is talking about how excited they are and how they can’t wait for Ramadan to begin. But for new Muslims, that can be mixture of feelings in days leading up to Ramadan; some of excitement and happiness, and others of worry and anxiety.

Ramadan budget

8 Tips on How to Curtail Your Ramadan Budget

Ramadan is the month of blessings. In this month, we make special arrangements on many levels among which is the economic level. Here we provide every house wife with practical tips that would help her control her budget and reduce spending during the holy month of Ramadan. 1. Rationalize your shopping lest Buy only …

Prepare for Ramadan

How Does a New Muslim Prepare for Ramadan?

Short Answer: I’d like to give you hope and glad tiding. Your pursuit of knowledge and your keenness to do the right acts as per the guidance of the Creator are beautiful, commendable deeds that are highly rewarded. In Ramadan, we fast our bodies, but feed our souls with the Light in the Words of Allah throughout …

11 Hacks to Help You Get Ready For Ramadan

11 Hacks to Help You Get Ready For Ramadan

What do you want to achieve in Ramadan and beyond? Write down your top goals and direct your mind and actions towards it from now. Begin your fasting month with a WHY. The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to do lots of extra good deeds in Ramadan…

Prophet Prepare

How Did The Prophet Prepare for Ramadan?

Short Answer: Prophet Muhammad used to fast a lot during the month of Sha’ban. The Prophet encouraged Muslims around him to increase in worship during Ramadan, before it actually arrived, by mentioning the extra rewards for doing good deeds during it. He tried to motivate them in advance. _____________________________________ Salam AbdulRaheem, Thank you for sending in your question to …

The Forgotten Month of Shaban

Do You Know the Forgotten Month of Shaban?

The month of Shaban is around. How did the Prophet and early good Muslims spend this month? Do you know why it is called the “forgotten month”? This lecture by Sheikh Omar Suleiman has the answer, along with answers for many other questions. In this informative and comprehensive video, Sheikh Suleiman discusses different issues related to the …

Ramadan songs

Ramadan Rhymes for Little Kids (collection)

Have you tried before to educate your kids about Islam by songs? It’s really fun if we can teach the kids about serious and important matters like religion in a way that entertains them. Here, we present a collection of wonderful songs and poems that would teach your kids about the holy month of Ramadan …

6 Ramadan Programs and Events

7 Ramadan Programs: What Imams Have in Store

The blessed month is around, coming with its special Ramadan programs and events. The month is full of blessings and mercy that showers down from Allah Almighty. We collected for you programs and lessons that will help you increase your share of blessings this month. These Ramadan Programs Await You Stay tuned with our Imams and Scholars …

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