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Talk to Allah... Release Your Supplication

Talk to Allah... Release Your Supplication

Once a thing you need comes to your mind, just utter it; let the supplication come out; make the du`aa’ immediately because you do not know when the time for acceptance is. Call out to the Almighty; ask Him; tell Him at any given time: when you are walking; when you are driving; when you …

4 Tips to Keep Up the Prayers After Ramadan

4 Tips to Keep Up the Prayers After Ramadan

If you’ve been praying every day in Ramadan, congratulations! You’ve just built the prayer habit. But then, so many of us do just that every Ramadan, and yet give it all up after Eid. How do we hold on to our prayers and other acts of worship after Ramadan?

7 Sunnahs to Do on the Night and Day of Eid

7 Sunnahs to Do on the Night and Day of Eid

There’s going to be one sunnah that starts from the night before ‘Eid and then a few more that happen on the morning of ‘Eid. In Islam, the new day basically starts at Maghrib. So as soon as we know that the next day is going to be Eid, we start saying…

How Can You Avoid Missing Prayers?

How You Can Avoid Missing Prayers

Missing prayers from time to time and want a solution? Prayer (Salah) is the second pillar of Islam. One must pray every day as it is an obligation upon us from Allah. Some people get into the habit of missing Salah and they want to get out of it. What advice can be given to a …

Mosque Offers Free Bikes for Kids Who Pray at Mosque This Ramadan

A mosque in Kelantan, Malaysia, has promised free bikes for children who attend prayer all through the holy month of Ramadan, New Straits Times reported. “Those who show a full attendance for the Subuh, Maghrib and Isyak prayers will be given a bicycle,” said senior imam Ustaz Baharin Yusoff of Mahmudi Mosque, located in front …

How I Came to Love the Prayer as a Muslim

How I Came to Love the Prayer as a Convert

I had begun to pray but the most important hurdle still remained – how was I going to fit so many prayers into my schedule. I was in my last two years at school, so I had to work hard which meant I had to do homework and study when I got back home.

How was changing the qibla a test for early Muslims?

Qibla Change.. The Test Early Muslims Had to Take

Allah clearly mentioned in the Quran one of the most important attributes of the believers. {It does not behoove a believer, male or female, that when Allah and His Messenger have decided an affair they should exercise a choice. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger has strayed to manifest error} (Al‐ Ahzab 33:36) This …

Muslim Photographer Wins Award for Capturing Muslims Praying in Public

The Muslim photographer Sana Ullah has won 2019 Goldziher award for her photo series ‘Places You’ll Pray’ which highlights Muslim worshippers praying in public places, GW Hatchet reported on April 15. “The award emphasizes the value of Muslim storytelling in America, especially at a time when my religion is debated and criticized by Americans,” said …

8 Questions on Kabah & Change of Qibla

8 Questions on Kabah & Change of Qibla

The Qibla change was a special moment in the Muslim history that connects between Kabah and Al-Aqsa. Below you can find answers for frequently asked questions about the Kabah, Qibla and the incident of the Qibla change. What is the meaning of Qibla? Qibla means the direction that Muslims face when they perform their prayers …

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