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When People Praise You, Beware of These Things

When People Praise You, Beware of These Things

People’s praise could be very dangerous because they could affect your intention. If your intention is to be raised and liked and so forth, then this would impact your niyyah (intend) when you do something good. And perhaps when people start to praise you…

Ibn Atta on How to Deal with People's Praise

Ibn Atta on How to Deal with People's Praise

People’s praise may change one’s intentions from pleasing Allah to pleasing people, earning their praise or avoiding their criticism. It also discourages one to do more good deeds if he really believes that he is perfect and has done great actions. Another negative aspect of praise is that it makes one overlook his flaws and, instead, look at his merits.

Wisdom Behind the Postures and Phrases of Prayer

The Wisdom Behind the Postures and Phrases of Prayer

The postures of prayer are symbolic of humankind’s relationship with God. We stand and assert our existence, we bow to show humility and we prostrate in awe of our Creator’s Power and Strength. From this state of complete abasement we acknowledge our complete reliance on and need of God.

Tears of the Prophet in Du’a

Aisha said: “I woke up in the middle of the night and I searched for the Prophet and my hands touched his feet while he was praying and he was saying in his prostration this du’a: “O Allah I seek refuge in your good Mercy and your goodness from your anger and in your forgiveness…

Why Do We Say Subhan Allah?

When we say subhan Allah (Glory be to Allah), we are glorifying Allah above any imperfection or deficiency. It is a declaration of His transcendence. One of Allah’s names is al-Subbuh. This can be translated as “the Most Glorified”. Allah is the One who possesses all glory…

Being Remembered

The unavoidability of death should make us more industrious and hard-working with the time that we have. We should strive to be creative, develop our skills, and contribute what we can to the world. We should not allow our inevitable passage make us despondent or listless. We should not hasten on our deaths prematurely.

Why Do We Pray?

Why does Allah ask us to pray, to fast, to avoid backbiting, to avoid alcohol, to wear hijab? What does Allah gain by these things which He has imposed on us? Some of you might be scandalized by such questions…

I Converted to the Religion That I Once Used to Hate

An Important Hadith for Our Christian Friends

God created us in a way which is suitable for us to populate and live on this earth, and to survive here as a human species, in the same way that He created angels in a way that is suitable for their main role, which is to praise Him.

Ameen - May You Have Likewise

Du’aa is part and parcel of every Muslim’s life. Not only does it please our Lord and save us from arrogance, its goodness extends to our well-being.

The Prophet of Mercy: A Word Picture

Noble manners have the profoundest influence in guiding and reforming. The Prophet reached the summit of all virtues so perfectly that Allah praised him, saying: {And indeed, you (O Muhammad) are of an exalted moral character.}

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