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Muslim Prayer Postures Found Bible

Muslim Prayer Postures Found in the Bible

Once we understand the connection between all the Prophets of God it is not surprising to learn that they all prayed in basically the same way. What is surprising is that even though there are descriptions of prayer in the Bible, Christians and Jews no longer pray the way their own Prophets prayed.

Wisdom Behind the Postures and Phrases of Prayer

The Wisdom Behind the Postures and Phrases of Prayer

The postures of prayer are symbolic of humankind’s relationship with God. We stand and assert our existence, we bow to show humility and we prostrate in awe of our Creator’s Power and Strength. From this state of complete abasement we acknowledge our complete reliance on and need of God.

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Are The Prayer Positions Different For Women Than Men?

Short answer:No. There is no difference. Women and men are both commanded to pray exactly like Prophet Muhammad did. There should be no added compression in the body when going intosujood, or in any other position. This idea comes from culture, not religion. Salam dear sister, Thank you for your question.We highly appreciate your concern …

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