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after Jesus

Why Did Prophet Muhammad Come After Jesus?

Short Answer: Mostly because the true message of Jesus was lost with time. Jesus and Muhammad taught the same basic idea: worship God alone, be a good person, be just and generous and helpful and stand on the side of the oppressed. But over time, his message was corrupted by people like Paul. It’s the Paulified …

false prophet

Was Muhammad the "False Prophet" Jesus Warned About?

Short Answer: Of course not. There are several ways in which Prophet Muhammad proved to be a true prophet sent by God, including the fact that his revelation cost him something and made his life incredibly difficult. Asalaamu alaykum and thank you for this question. First, please have a look at this article I wrote which answered …

Paul Quran

Why Isn't Apostle Paul Mentioned In The Quran?

Peace to you, as well, Joseph, and thank you for this question. Before I converted to Islam, I was a very devout evangelical Christian. I worked as a missionary, spreading the message of Jesus’ death as an atonement for sin. In order to do this, I attended a Bible college wherein we took many classes …

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