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Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Salam DearReader, Thank you so much for your question and for your desire to think and reflect on important life matters. First of all, ‘bad things’ or hardships, tests, trials, tribulations are not a source of disgrace to those who have them. On the contrary, they could be a source of honor and testimony to …

Hajj: A Journey of Selfless Brotherhood - About Islam

Hajj: A Journey of Selfless Brotherhood

I once had such a wonderful experience in Al-Masjid Al-Haram, when I was extremely thirsty after performing tawaf (circumambulation around the Holy Ka`bah) and was unable to find a way among the crowd of women seated around the Ka`bah…

Keeping the Spirit of Ramadan Year Round - About Islam

Keeping the Spirit of Ramadan Year Round

Ramadan is like a school. It’s supposed to train us and we are supposed to emerge as graduates with the degrees to show for it, and the degrees will show not written on a piece of paper but in our actions, the way we deal with others, the patience we show in the face of hardship and difficulty.

What Is Beautiful Patience? - About Islam

What Is Beautiful Patience?

Many of us desire the quick-fix. We look at all the great problems around us and may feel hopeless. Perhaps in our spiritual journey, we feel that we are not progressing as we like, and so we give up. We may get angry at a bad behavior of people. But any victory must come with patience.

Ramadan: All-Time Lessons - About Islam

Ramadan: All-Time Lessons

We must examine ourselves during Ramadan and ask: What is my role – and each of us has a role – in helping this precious Ummah to regain its honor, and return to the Ummah its comprehensive unity and strength, and victory that has been promised to it?

The Path to Ease - About Islam

The Path to Ease

“The path always starts with trials and tribulations. Then comes a period of patience and reliance upon Allah. And the end is enlightenment, guidance and victory.” (Imam Ibn al-Qayyim)

How to Talk about Islam - 2 - About Islam

How to Talk about Islam - 2

“When I talk to people about Islam, I never have the intention of converting them, rather, I always focus on addressing their fears that they have gained from the media, and encouraging them to find the truth by reading on their own. It’s up to them to decide their beliefs…”

My Muslim Husband - About Islam

My Muslim Husband

Through every happy moment, every illness and on the days when I was so sad I could barely summon a smile, my Muslim husband has been right there holding my hand. He is my best friend, confidant, and the father of my children.

What Is Beautiful Patience? (Part 2) - About Islam

What Is Beautiful Patience? (Part 2)

Patience is linked to not despairing. There is a time for mourning and sadness. But a believer understands God’s wisdom. So in the case of calamities patience is to not despair, it is allowing oneself to mourn but also to continue on the path.

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