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These Chapters Can Help Alleviate Your Depression

These Chapters Can Help Alleviate Your Depression

Allah revealed this chapter at a time when our Prophet was depressed to soothe him. For the man who suffered the most in this world, it was something very soothing. The chapter reminds the Prophet of the blessings that Allah has opened for him…

The Meaning of Suffering

The Meaning of Suffering

Life is a test. We live and we learn through the pain and the joy. We cannot criticize the injustice of suffering in the world if we don’t recognize the lessons it has for us. Only our wilful blindness to those lessons makes us too proud to take them on and change ourselves.

Much Chaos

What’s the Point of this World? Why Is There So Much Chaos?

Short Answer:We understand you are suffering and going through hardship brother, but know that this will not go unnoticed and this will not go unrewarded. Allah will reward you for every second of hardship if you’re patient and continue to seek Him. Things WILL get better here, and you will be compensated with no limits …

What’s the Point of this World?

What’s the Point of this World? Why Don't We All Have an Easy Life?

Part 1 Part3 Short Answer:When we despair and give up, we disbelieve in Allah’s Names and His Power to provide for us, bring us justice, appreciate our efforts, open doors for us, expand our chests and grant us relief and guidance and bring us from the depth of darkness into light. We may …

Point of this World

What’s the Point of this World? - Why So Much Pain?

Short Answer:Some of the most beautiful realities emerge from some of the most excruciatingly painful moments. Contemplate on pregnancy and labor for example. Think about all the changes a mother goes through over a period of nine whole months.Think about those long hours of intense labor, of waiting, screaming, tears and pain…. Then comes the …

The Faster Way God Answers Dua - Ask Him in Distress

5 Ways to Profit from Pain

One of the greatest loses that we incur in our life is psychological pain. It is often worse than bankruptcy, worse than physical injury, especially its origin is hurtful behavior of our close ones. Is it possible then to convert this pain in the heart into profit?

6 Quranic Antidotes to Depression

Depressed? These 6 Quranic Antidotes will Ease You

Let no one tell you that you shouldn’t feel pain, that if you feel sad that means there’s something wrong with your belief. What your pain indicates to is that you’re a human being, and you’re like the Prophets and pious people, who were also human beings and used to feel pain.

Hardships That Turn Out to Be Blessings

Hardships That Turn Out to Be Blessings

It is the path that we don’t want to take that turns out to be the best for us in the long run. It is the flat tire that made us avoid getting involved in a deadly accident or the waitress bringing us the wrong order that allowed us to avoid getting food poisoning that are the blessings.

Pain, Sadness and Depression...How to Cope

Pain, Sadness and Depression...How to Cope

Why is pain useful? Pain, physical or emotional, indicates that there is a problem. It indicates something needs to be treated. Using painkillers only and ignoring the root causes of our problems is not useful or smart; it can cause further damage. It’s human to feel sad; however, there’s a difference between depression, devastation, despair …

resent Allah

How Can I Avoid Resenting Allah For Pain & Suffering?

Short Answer:Allah never intentionally harms us in any way. But some hardships happen in life, naturally, and there is a balance between good experiences and painful ones. “What do we do when harm comes to us?We put our faith in God. We ask him for a relief and for solace.And we know that God will …

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