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Will Allah Forgive My Abuser If I Don't Forgive Them?

Short Answer: In order to be forgiven for sins which involve transgressions against the rights of other human beings, someone has to restore the tangible rights of the person whom they wronged, and also seek their pardon. As a victim you can choose to forgive the oppressor, pray against them, or beg Allah to recompense you in the …

Why Do Muslim Women Wear the Veil?

Why Do Muslim Women Wear Hijab?

When a small piece of fabric causes such controversy and conflict, wouldn’t it be easier to remove it? Why then, under such circumstances, do Muslim women wear scarves? There are a myriad of reasons why, but the easy, one sentence answer is, because they believe…

expose protect

Should We Expose Someone's Sins to Protect Other People?

Short answer: If it’s a sin that endangers or harms other people in some way, we must absolutely expose it, but in a dignified manner, with the intention to protect others from that person, while also protecting the victims. Don’t forget: none of us is sinless. After exposing their sin in a dignified manner and working …

unfair bosses

Unfair Bosses: Taking Advantage of Job Scarcity

Walaykum Asalam waRahmat Allah dear Reader, Thank you so much for sending this important question, and for sharing your concerns with us. We ask Allah to alleviate your burden and facilitate your affairs for you and guide you to what’s best for you in this life and the next. Ameen.  Injustice as Darkness on The Day of Judgment …

Trump Muslims protest

Trump's America: How Should Muslims Respond? Protest?

Peace and Blessings Be Upon You With the recent events in Charlottesville, this question has crossed the minds of millions of Muslims in America. There is a difference of opinion among learned scholars regarding the permissibility of attending protests. One opinion is that protesting a leader is haraam (forbidden), that we Muslims must remain patient, allow leaders …

Know Justice. Know Peace: One Verse Explains How

In this day and age, many people have an agenda to sell oppression for profit, while packaging it to look like it is in fact fairness. But Allah is telling us it is our duty to open our eyes and witness the truth of injustice, to not be fooled by the packaging, to not blindly follow those in power.

Salam Aleikom, I am from Sudan, but have been working in the US for 6 years in IT. I have a wife and 2 children here in the USA. My wife and I met in college and we are both professionals. I returned to Sudan a month ago as my mother passed away unexpectedly. I was to return back to the US in the beginning of February, but due to Trump’s law I was told that I am currently not allowed to go back. What shall I do now? Both my wife and myself are permanent residents. My whole life is there! My wife and children are there! I went to university and worked there and built a life for my family and self in the USA. It is our home. I don't know what to do, and my wife and children are very afraid, not only that I won't be able to return, but that if I can't, what will we do? Please, tell me what to do now…I need to give them some comfort but I am at loss of words, I am in shock...

Travel Ban: When Will I See My Family Again?

Answer: As-Salamu ‘Alaykum dear brother, I am very sorry to hear of your tragic dilemma. It is truly an inhumane ban and you are not alone. There are many stranded with their lives and their family’s lives hanging in a question mark. I know this does not help hearing, but there are so many families …

Top 10 Myths about Islam - Part 1

In the second decade of the 21st century this is probably the biggest myth about Islam. In a time when it seems that the world has gone mad with the killing of innocents it must be reiterated that the religion of Islam sets out very specific rules for war and places great value on the sanctity of life.

Why Do I Wear Hijab?

A while back, a couple of girls in Montreal were kicked out of school for dressing like I do. It seems strange that a little piece of cloth would make for such controversy. Perhaps the fear is that I am harboring an Uzi underneath it!

The Laws of Guidance

Without guidance, we are lost, continually searching for solace. It is God’s most precious gift. Knowing this fact and understanding the concepts of justice and forgiveness inherent in Islam enriches and completes us. Knowing that our purpose is to worship God liberates us.

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