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The Story of Prophet Eber (Hud) in the Quran

The Story of Prophet Eber (Hud) in the Quran

The people of Aad, much like many people today, believed that the purpose of life was to accumulate wealth, prestige, and possessions. When Hud made them confront the reality of their lives and pointed out that they were far away from the One God…

3,000 Expats in Oman Embrace Islam in 2018

MUSCAT – 3,000 expats have embraced Islam in the first five months in 2018, the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs in Oman has announced. “Since the beginning of January until today. Many of the new converts are Europeans, followed by Indians,” an official at the ministry told the Times of Oman. Over a week …

The Discovery of Iram City was Mentioned in the Quran

What makes this interesting archeological finding more important is that its name exists in the Quran. Up to that time, many people who thought the tribe of Ad mentioned in the Quran to be a legend and never to be founded were amazed upon this new finding. Nicholas Clapp is the amateur archeologist who founded the city that is mentioned in the Quran.

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