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Night Prayers Two Times

Ramadan's Night Prayers, Why Two Times?

Short Answer:  The best time for Tahajjud is to delay it to the last third portion of the night, according to Sunnah. Tahajjud kindles the divine flame within us to receive true illumination in the darkness of the night. It opens the window to the heart for light to enter its dark crevices where problems are waiting to be solved. _____________________________________ …

Tahajjud Prayer

How Many Rakaahs Is the Tahajjud Prayer?

Short answer: Tahajjud does not entail a specific number of rakaahs, and there is no maximum limit. Just one witr is enough. …………. Salam Sister,   Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Tahajjud (Arabic for: optional late night prayer) does not entail a specific number of rakaahs (units of prayer) that must be performed. Nor is there any maximum …

Muslim Convert Gives Insights into Her First Taraweeh Prayer

In her first ever Taraweeh prayer, Fatima Bacsal, a Filipino who lives in the UAE, has recounted her feelings and how she was overwhelmed with high spirituality, Khaleej Times reported on May 9. “Taraweeh prayer gave me a sense of achievement. My first day at the mosque for Taraweeh felt as if God was leading me …


How to Cope With Ramadan, Exams, and Distractions?‏

Short Answer:  In life we always have to make choices and arrange priorities. Some things are more important than others. _____________________________________ Salam Dear Brother, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Your question is one facing many Muslims in the coming days, but I don’t think it should be a reason …

Perform Tahajjud

What's the Right Way to Perform Tahajjud?

Short Answer: It is best to delay this prayer to the last third portion of the night, but it may be performed after `Isha’ prayer in the early part or the middle part of the night. One should begin with two quick rak`ahs and then pray whatever one wishes after that. ______________________________________ Salam Sanusi, Thank you for your question …

What is Qiyam-ul-layl? A Prayer to Get Allah's Blessings

What is Qiyam-ul-layl? A Prayer Full of Blessings

Allah chose this particular time for supplication and worship because it requires us to put in that extra effort to earn His blessings and rewards by fighting against our sleep and waking up just for the sole purpose of connecting with Allah (SWT). Waking up for…

Night Prayer and the Human Body Clock

The sleep-wake cycle of the pineal gland becomes disrupted as we increasingly eat, socialize and sleep not questioning the psychological and physical effects of our pre-occupations. In trying to keep up with the schedules of the day it becomes increasingly difficult to switch-off the problems of the outside world we take home affecting domestic commitments. …

Allah Smiles at Such a Person

What must they have done to deserve the smile of Allah the Almighty? The Prophet mentioned one of the three people is a person who has a beautiful spouse and a very comfortable bed, but then in the middle of the night, he gets up and leaves his spouse, leaves his desire to remember Allah.

cant pray tahajjud

Can't Pray Tahajjud: How Else Can I Draw Near to God?

Short Answer: Basically, tahajjud is voluntary, so it’s not required of you. Moreover, if your doctor has advised you against it, know that harming your body for the sake of worship robs you of the benefits of that extra worship. We must care for our body, and this is also an act of worship. Maybe try one of …

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