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The Night Journey - Sometimes It Causes Me to Tremble

The Night Journey: Sometimes it Causes Me to Tremble

I imagine that I’m standing behind Muhammad (peace be upon him) and also gazing at the veil of light. And I long to have the veil lifted. I long to gaze in adoration at my Lord. But not yet. I’m still limited by my humanity, my corporeal being.

isra prayer

Al-Isra: Prophet Muhammad Led Other Prophets in Prayer

Short Answer: This prayer signifies the continuity of their messages and their unity of rank and purpose, that Islam has completed all Divine messages and brought them to their final form, and that Jerusalem also belongs to the Muslims who follow Muhammad, the recognized leader of all Prophets. Salam Dear Rahma, Thank you very much for your …

Did The Night Journey Really Happen? He Asks

In this counseling answer: •The first place to begin is to nurture the belief in Allah, after all we don’t see Him, yet we believe in Him and his creation. •Highlight the fact that as human beings we have a limited capacity for understanding. As a result, it is natural for us to question things that we …


What Is the Significance of Al-Isra and Al-Miraj?

Short Answer: There is no doubt that Al-Isra (the night journey) followed by Al-Miraj (the heavenly ascension) was one of the miracles in the life of our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). According to the most accepted view, it happened on the 27th of Rajab, the seventh month of the Hijri calendar, in the tenth year of …

The Miraculous Night Journey - A Brief Story

The Miraculous Night Journey - A Brief Story

This journey demonstrates God’s might and ability to make possible the impossible… Led by the Angel Jibreel, the Prophet began his ascent through the seven heavens, where he reached Sadrat Al-Muntaha, the remotest lote tree, symbolizing the end of worldly knowledge.

Did you know that there is a Kabah in the heavens?

Night Journey: Heavens Have a Kabah Too

Did you know that there is a Kabah in the heavens? In the Night journey, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) saw Prophet Ibrahim setting by Al-Bait Al-Ma`mur or the Frequented House, which is described as the Heavens’ Kabah. Why is it named so? And what do angels do over there? Join Dr. …

What Do You Know About Angel Gabriel?

What Do You Know About Angel Gabriel?

The Angel Gabriel is considered the most important of all the angels in Islam. In the Quran, the angel is called Jibreel or the Holy Spirit. The Angel Jibreel’s main responsibility is to communicate the Words of Allah to His prophets. It is Jibreel who revealed the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad.

Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Winged Horse and Childhood Memories

Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Winged Horse and Childhood Memories

Growing up in a non-Muslim country, I did not hear much about the sacred Aqsa Mosque from my parents. Like others, they focused on raising my siblings and I on becoming familiar with the five pillars of Islam. Much effort was put into teaching us the significance of worships including the daily prayers and fasting. We also …

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