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US Award for Nigerian Imam Who Saved 300 Christians

The US has conferred the 1st ‘International Religious Freedom Award’ on an 84-year-old Nigerian imam who selflessly risked his own life to shelter and protect Christians during June 2018 attacksin Nghar Yelwa village, central Nigeria. “Imam Abubakar Abdullahi selflessly risked his own life to save members of another religious community, who would have likely been …

Islamic Teachings Inspire Nigerian Imam to Save Christians

Why Did this Brave Imam Gamble with His Life to Save Christians' lives

The Nigerian imam who saved over 300 Christians last month revealedreasons behindhisheroic act. In an interview with The Punch, Abubakar Abdullahi saidthat Islamic teachings that call for religious co-existence and tolerance were the main motives for saving hundreds of Christians during a recent attack in the central Plateau State. When about 300 armed men started …

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