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It’s Nice to Be Nice

“It’s nice to be nice” – such a common phrase, almost everyone knows it. But it begs the question… is it? Is it nice to be nice? How many times have you made the effort for someone to ignore you, treat you bad or take advantage of your niceness?

French Muslims Disavow Nice Attacker

Branding him as a non-Muslim, the Muslim community in the French city of Nice disavowed the man behind last week attack, saying the man who did not pray or fast the holy month of Ramadan does not represent Islam.

Imams and Scholars Condemn Nice Attack

Imams and scholars have expressed deep feelings of anger and grief over the deadly attack that took place late Thursday in Nice, France, killing more than 80 people, and putting many others in a critical condition. They condemned the incident as gruesome, senseless, heartbreaking and “a reflection of the chaos that our world is in …

French Mayor Bans Muslim Footballers from Praying

The mayor of Nice warning that Muslim footballers seen praying beside pitches risk suspension and their clubs could lose state subsidies has triggered many condemnations, seen as adding to counterproductive anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Nice Mayor Opposes Opening of French Riviera Mosque

A new mosque in French Riviera ready for inauguration since last November is facing opposition from the mayor of Nice who is set to sue the French state over it, sparking criticism from the city Muslim population.

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