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How Can I Fit In With Other Muslims As a New Convert?

Short Answer:My best advice to converts: find other converts to befriend. This does not mean that you should not get involved in your mosque or that you should not make friends with people who were raised Muslim. But the best way to satisfy that innate need to fit in with a group is to find …

5 Ways for New Muslims to Strengthen Their Faith

5 Ways for New Muslims to Strengthen Their Faith

Short Answer: In learning to practice your new faith, take things slowly. The first priority would be to learn the five daily prayers. Making new Muslim friends is also very important while gradually increasing your knowledge of Islam. _________________________________________ SalamDear Abdul Hadi, Welcome to Islam! May Allah continue to guide you and strengthen your faith. …

Hindu Family

How Can I Pray When My Hindu Family Doesn't Know I Follow Islam?

Short Answer:In your case, this means that you should do the following. If it is possible, you can pray the missedMaghribandIshaprayers very late at night. You can do this after everyone else at home has gone to sleep. Do this if you have access to privacy at home i.e. a clean room. However, this might …

Finding Praying in Arabic Difficult

Drawn to Islam But Finding Praying in Arabic Difficult!

Short Answer: Arabicis a difficult language for native English speakers to learn. Soit is certainly okay to performsalahin English while you are learning. As for supplications,this can be done in any language any time. Finally, you can read a translation of the Quran in English or whatever language one is most familiar with. _____________________________________ Salaam …

new muslim

New Muslim Trying to Learn: What Information Can I Trust on Social Media?

Short Answer:Learning about Islam is like climbing a ladder: take it one step at a time, or you’ll fall.Remember: Islam was revealed over the course ofmany years. You are not expected to know it all overnight. Climb the ladder one step at a time and apply your critical thinking skills to everything you are told.Unfortunately, …

7 Tips of Tazkiyah for New Muslims

7 Tips of Tazkiyah for New Muslims

Short Answer:When you decide to watch something entertaining or ‘light’ hearted, just be the master, not the slave.Master your time and ideas getting into your mind. Don’t passively submit to what is being consumed. Also, make it more meaningful by having the right intention. For example, learning how to beautify yourself for your spouse, or …


4 Tips on How To Spend Your Vacation With Your Non-Muslim Family During Ramadan

Short Answer:Tacitly and discreetly, one’s travel companions get to know one’s true faith.So do keep in mind, that your family will judge Islam throughyou. This is, my sister, indeed a great honor: Allah has chosenyouto become an ambassador of His religion. So rejoice! And look forward to learning new things through this experience. …………. Asalaamu …


How to Invite Non Muslim Husband to Islam

Short Answer:Remember, the best dawah we can give is the dawah of character. Let him see the positive influence Islam has had on you. Highlight the positive changes in yourself and let those shine through. When it feels right, tell him that these changes are due to Islam. Try to guide him gently towards Islam, …

Menses and Overcoming Depression - About Islam

Menses and Overcoming Depression

Short Answer:To be able to combat your feelings of depression, remind yourself that you’re not being prevented from connecting with God, nor are you being banished fromHis mercybecause something is wrong with you. Much to the contrary, there is nothing wrong with you. In fact, God is giving you a lighter load in consideration of …

parents and Islam

How Can I Choose Between My Parents and Islam?

Short Answer: Although you will always be indebted to your parents you are an adult and at an age when you can make decisions on your own. Muslims have the greatest respect and reverence for their parents. There may be many reasons why your parents are objecting to your choice of Islam, one of them …

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