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Depressed After Prayer

Convert Tired and Depressed After Prayer: What to Do?

Short Answer:Before beginning the prayer, make the intention to pray with as much sincerity and concentration as possible, and ask Allah to help you focus. I have heard advice given to “pray as if it is one’s last prayer”; since we never know when death will come, we should treat each prayer seriously in case …

5 Ways for New Muslims to Strengthen Their Faith

5 Ways for New Muslims to Strengthen Their Faith

Short Answer: In learning to practice your new faith, take things slowly. The first priority would be to learn the five daily prayers. Making new Muslim friends is also very important while gradually increasing your knowledge of Islam. _________________________________________ SalamDear Abdul Hadi, Welcome to Islam! May Allah continue to guide you and strengthen your faith. …

Can I Pray and Later Accept Islam, Or Am I a Hypocrite? - About Islam

Can I Pray and Later Accept Islam, Or Am I a Hypocrite?

Short Answer:The argument that your prayer is not accepted is usually because you haven’t said the Shahadah and therefore, are not practicing as a Muslim. However, you can see that you are saying the Shahadah in every prayer, at least once. The fact that you are already praying suggests to me that you are Muslim …

commits zina pray

Can a Person Who Commits Zina Pray and Fast?

Short Answer:Never give up praying and fasting. There is no sin that you can commit that will cut you off from being allowed to worship, to talk to, to fast for, or to pray to Allah. Allah is the Creator of the human heart and He knows what is in it, what hurts it, what …

New Hindu Convert to Islam

Fasting Ramadan for a New Hindu Convert to Islam?

Short Answer:If someone is under a real threat that if they fast they will be subjected to real physical or mental harm, they may break their fast under such circumstances. But in this case they are obliged to make up for lost days of fast when they are free from such danger. _____________________________________ Salam Sister …

Practicing Islam

Mother Stopping Convert From Practicing Islam: What to Do?

Short Answer: You are not alone in what you are dealing with your mother. Parents, especially mothers, are granted a high status in Islam, and it is important for us to be good to them, but obedience to Allah overrides obedience to humans. Hijab does not need to be observed in private spaces around other …

muslim husband

My Muslim Husband Doesn't Want Me to Pray

Short Answer:I agree with you thatobeying your husband comes after obeying God. And if the two contradict then definitely you need to work harder in getting your husband to at least accept your commitment to God. What you’re doing is not at all extreme or going over the top, these are just the simple basics …

pray Muslim

Not Ready to Convert, But Can I Still Pray Like a Muslim?

Short Answer:“Yes! You could pray the way Muslims pray, for sure. These prayers belong to God and not humans, whoever they are. No Muslim should assume some sort of ‘monopoly’ over the way of prayer that Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught humanity… Accepting Islam does not mean to have all your questions ‘answered’. To …

No Mosque

Converting But No Mosques Near Me: What Can I Do?

Short Answer: Try to find some through the contacts in Islamicfinder. There are quite a number of mosques and other Islamic services in Hungary, though most of them are in Budapest.Islam should make you a better person, so much so that your family and friends notice an improvement in you.Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by …

As a New Muslim, Can My Kids Celebrate Christmas

As a New Muslim, Can My Kids Celebrate Christmas?

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. In this fatwa: Our little children are deeply affected with the festivities and glitter of this holiday. We should try to take them to some Islamic camps and conferences at …

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