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Reconnecting with Nature

Reconnecting with Nature

The concept of responsible management and taking care of the natural environment is firmly embedded in the teachings of Islam, so Muslims shouldn’t be reminded that living an eco-friendly lifestyle is part of their religion. Or do they? Fazlun Khalid, a man synonymous with the eco-Islam movement and one of the most influential contemporary Muslims, …

Great Flood and Noah’s Ark - About Islam

Great Flood and Noah’s Ark

Floods have always been a part of human existence. Seasonal floods increase soil fertility bringing nutrients as they also gave birth to the agricultural revolution and the first permanent human settlements on the riverbanks of Africa and Asia (NASA p.1-3). There is one flood, however, that continues to intrigue adventurers and scientists alike. Story Narrated …

Humans destroying earth

Humans on Destruction Path

“Do not corrupt the earth after it has been set right. Call on Him in fear and aspiration. Indeed, the mercy of Allah is near for the good-doers” (Quran 7:56) My childhood was rather colorful. The privilege of growing up in both the city and village made me appreciate the beauty and importance of nature. …

A Beginner's Guide on How to Start Your Urban Garden Planning

A Beginner's Guide on How to Start Your Urban Garden Planning

Have you ever thought about climate change and how it would affect your life? Do you know that everyone has a responsibility towards this planet and a role to play? We see the impacts of climate change every day; fromextreme weather, poor air quality to droughtand plant diseases There is growing recognition of urban and …

Symmetry: Perfections of Nature & Beauty of Science - About Islam

Symmetry: Perfections of Nature & Beauty of Science

Have you ever seen a Honeycomb? Have you ever wondered how bees cleverly build these hexagonal wax cells as stories for their honey? I’m talking here about symmetries in nature, the faces of beauty in our universe. Most of the symmetry patterns all over around us can be described, simulated, and promoted by geometric aspects, …

Connecting with Nature

The Spiritual Benefits of Connecting with Nature

When life is overwhelming me, I often find that what helps me the most is spending time in nature. There’s something about the outdoors that just puts everything in perspective. Maybe it’s the perfect order that everything is in, which reminds me that…

Herbal Aromatics

Herbal Aromatics: Enjoy the Gifts of Nature

A great way to maintain good health and well-being is by using aromatherapy or herbal aromatics to help relax, de-stress, rejuvenate and refresh. Just imagine walking into a room filled with aromatic breezes wafting through the air, the warm ambience of soft-lit candles that add aroma to a room with the homely scent of cinnamon, …

Summer time

Use Summer Time to Fortify Your Soul

Nature has a strange way of calming the soul and reviving the spirit. Within minutes of arriving at the ocean, you can feel a sense of harmony covering you like a blanket.

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