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Motherhood Has Brought Out the Worst in Me

In this counseling answer: •First, ask him if you are doing something which is provoking his behavior. Inform him ofyour right to emotional support. •You can turn to family members for the adult conversation you need and for feelings of love. •Keepasking and obeying Allah, which you have been already doing by asking us how …

I Feel So Neglected in My Family

I Feel So Neglected in My Family

In this counseling answer: • Contact your local imam. If and when he confirms that your parents cannot dictate what subject you would like to study, this should help you get strength from feeling supported by Allah’s religion. • Ask Allah to help you, strengthen you and to guide you and your parents. Don’t expect …

Husband Doesn't Work & Wastes My Money

Husband Doesn't Work & He Wastes My Money

In this counseling answer: • In case your husband does not take responsibility for his role in this horrific situation and stop abusing and using you and start acting like a Muslim man, you need to get as far away from him as you can. You need to rotect yourself from a life of sin. …

A Revert: Shall I Marry a Married Man?

A Revert: Shall I Marry a Married Man?

In this counseling answer: • Aman should consult his wife in everything pertaining to the marriage so as to have a win-win situation if he can. But, if they can’t agree, the man has the right to do things his way. • Please, put yourself in his wife’s shoes just for a minute to try …

My Nephew Being Bullied at School - About Islam

My Nephew Being Bullied at School

In this counseling answer: •Many things could be bothering him about going to Quran school. Dogmatism or the harshness or strictness of the environment could be the problem. •For kids who obsess over doing the right thing, the opposite could be the problem—he is being too hard on himself and others, frustrated that everyone is …

After My Third Child, I Have No Interest in Sex Anymore - About Islam

After My Third Child, I Have No Interest in Sex Anymore

In this counseling answer: •A mother is always giving, serving, responding to, worrying about… children, husband, shopping for food, etc., She is also human and needs someone to care about her, to serve her needs, respond to her worries, etc. •To recharge your battery means more than just physically. It means emotionally too. So that …

Child fear of death

My Son Is Afraid of Dying, How to Help Him?

In this counseling answer: •I recommend you share with your son a documentary about the afterlife. The one I am thinking of is called “After Life”. •In it, people who had a “near death experience”, i.e., were pronounced dead but then came back to life, were interviewed about what they saw and felt. Phenomenally, ALL …

My 4-Year-Old Daughter Bites Her Nails - About Islam

My 4-Year-Old Daughter Bites Her Nails

In this counseling answer: • Nail biting, like any badhabitis a symptom of something else which is causing a person stress, usually. A bad habit is an artificialform of relief for something that the person cannot get relief from by changing the thing that is causing them the stress. Thus, I would look first at …

I Love a Girl Who Doesn’t Want to Marry Me

I Love a Girl Who Doesn't Want to Marry Me

In this counseling answer: • Do not live your life for anyone other than Allah (swt). • Find yourself first, and then you will be more able to find the person who loves you because you will have definition all on your own. • Education, like everything else, is not an end in itself (unless …

How Can I Teach Prayer to My Toddler ? - About Islam

How Can I Teach Prayer to My Toddler ?

In this counseling answer: To responding the questioner who asks how to let her kid start taking part in the prayer, the counselor advises her to learn the prayer through example and interactivity; as lectures don’t cut it! the learning process has to be interactive. Wa ‘alaikum Salaam, This is the easiest and hardest question …

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