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A Century of Islam in a Small Alberta Town

A Century of Islam in a Small Alberta Town

Given that the origins of the Islamic faith are in the city of Makkah, in present-day Saudi Arabia, the northern regions of Canada have been a sort of “final frontier” for the spread of the message of Islam. For over 1,400 years, this message has gradually been carried by Muslims to wherever they have gone, …

Al-Rashid- The Story of the First Mosque in Canada

Al-Rashid - The Story of the First Mosque in Canada

In the early 1930’s in the City of Edmonton, Mayor John Fry was approached by a group of Muslim ladies for a plot of land on which a mosque could be built for the growing Muslim community. An amount of 5000 dollars was needed to buy the land…

Feed the hungry

Faith Organizations Unite to Feed the Hungry in Canada

Canadian Muslims feed the Hungry in the Annual Food Drive. Members of multiple faith communities are working together to support Winnipeg Harvest and local food banks this summer. Hundreds of  Muslims joined to  fight hunger  with a community food drive. The event is expected to leverage about 68,000 kilograms of food for Winnipeg Harvest through matching donations. …

Muslim welfare centre

Muslim Welfare Centre Offers Free Meals in Toronto

A Muslim welfare center in Toronto is hosting weekly halal meals every Sunday to feed poor residents of all ethnicities and faiths in the city. Hundreds of people gather at the meals, hosted by the Muslim Welfare Center at the Christian Resource Center in Regent Park, in cooperation with Regent Meals program. A variety of services by …

Muslims In Canada

Here are some interesting facts about Muslims in Canada! Islam is the second largest religion in Canada. Many Muslims have emigrated there from Pakistan and the Middle East.

Syrian Refugee

Syrian Refugee Pays Back by Helping People in Canada

Showing gratitude to Canadian people for bringing him to their country , Syrian refugee Mazen Khalaf is happy to help others as well. Khalaf, a father of three, is working at a gas station in Newmarket town in the province of Ontario. When he was faced with  a customer whose payment card would not work at the gas …

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