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Outdoor School Gives Hope to Street Kids in Karachi

Outdoor School Gives Hope to Street Kids in Karachi

Giving a new hope for street children, a Pakistani teen and her brother have launched an outdoor school to educate street kids in the city of Karachi. When Shireen and Hassan first started their makeshift school, they had five street beggars as students. Now, the school has more than 250 students. Some adults also attend the school and they show great …

Feed the hungry

Faith Organizations Unite to Feed the Hungry in Canada

Canadian Muslims feed the Hungry in the Annual Food Drive. Members of multiple faith communities are working together to support Winnipeg Harvest and local food banks this summer. Hundreds of  Muslims joined to  fight hunger  with a community food drive. The event is expected to leverage about 68,000 kilograms of food for Winnipeg Harvest through matching donations. …

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