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About Islam Is Seeking Youth Writers - Join Our Team!

About Islam Is Seeking Youth Writers - Join Our Team!

Aboutislam is providing a platform for Muslim youths to get their voices heard. Wegreatly respect our young readers. We know that you are intelligent, thoughtful and heartfelt.Thus, we invite you to please share your voice, thoughts and experiences with our millions of readers around the globe. What age are we looking for? 16-25 years old. …


5 Books to Learn More About ‘Real’ Muslims

Muslims? Who are they and what do they do? Media stereotypes are one source of (mis)information. Google searches for “Muslim” or “Islam” aren’t always presenting the most reliable information. So, ‘real’ Muslims… Who are they? You may read one of these books to get acquainted with how a Muslim can be defined. 1. Generation …

Look up in the sky! They’re Muslim superheroes!

Look up in the Sky! They’re Muslim Superheroes!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the 99, originally created by Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa. These Muslim superheroes highlight universal values, while at the same time, aim to revolutionize Islamic culture. Originally born in Kuwait, after the break of 9/11, Dr. Al-Mutawa, took a leap towards a life-changing idea for the superhero franchise and the Muslim world. Misrepresentation …


Stories in the Attic: Unleashing the Treasures Within

On October 21, 2017, over 150 women came together in Houston for Daybreak Press’s 3rd Annual Muslim Women’s Literary Conference. Attendees came from various cities across the US. Majority of the attendees were Muslim but even some non-Muslims were present, one of whom embraced Islam at the conference itself! This conference, hosted by Rabata, Sisters …

Second Annual Muslim Women’s Literary Conference – Report - About Islam

Second Annual Muslim Women’s Literary Conference – Report

MWLC2016 was the 2nd Annual Muslim Women’s Literary Conference, hosted by Daybreak Press and held at the University of Houston, Texas on October 22nd, 2016. Created to provide a platform to celebrate, promote, and encourage Muslim women writers, MWLC is a fantastic initiative for the ever-growing niche of Muslim women with literary ambitions. As an …

The Muslim Writers of National Novel Writing Month - About Islam

The Muslim Writers of National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month, known as “NaNoWriMo” for short or simply “NaNo” for shorter, is a month for aspiring and accomplished authors to push their body and creativity to the limits every single day in November. In an effort to hit the daily word count objective of 1667, and ultimately log a staggering 50,000 words …

A part of me refused to die

“A Part of Me Refused to Die”

Nisha Sulthana, author of the autobiography “A Part of Me Refused to Die,” has always been a woman of few words. She possesses a shy side that she feels, at times, cripples her from speaking the truth. It’s therefore a blessing that, despite her shyness, she told the world her story. As a child she …

Dowry Divas

"Dowry Divas": Can You Put a Price on Love?

Tittle: Dowry Divas Language:English Author: Zara J. Publisher:University Publications (February 13, 2014) Publication Date:February 13, 2014 As an avid reader with a special interest in Muslim fiction, I jump at the chance to read and review the newest books on the market, especially if they’re written by Muslim women authors. In the course of …

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