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How Can a Muslim Woman Practice Islam in the West

How Can a Muslim Woman Practice Islam in the West?

Salam Dear Bethany, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. I can understand your confusion and worries about what you have so far learned and observed about the life of Muslim women. The fact is that there are many shades of opinion among Muslim scholars about the limits to be observed …

Bus Passenger Teaches Man Lesson on Integration

A bus passenger stepped in the defense of a niqabi Muslim passenger who was attacked verbally by a man asking her to speak English, saying that the woman indeed spoke Welsh, the native language of Wales.

Muslim Woman Supports 24 Refugees in Texas

HOUSTON – As a Muslim, Iraqi and single-mother, Ghada Bayati first steps into the United States as a refugee eight years ago followed a bitter war in which she lost nearly everything.


The Slow Praying-Slow Eating Mother

As salamu `alaykum, It would seem that there is a big gap between your parents, in-laws and yourself in terms of lifestyle. Obviously, both your parents and your in-laws come from a lifestyle that was very much based on the demands of farming and providing for a family. I assume (from experience) that it is …

Muslim Woman Gives Up Dr Pepper Twitter Handle to Help Flint

As Flint water crisis continues to bite residents, unexpected huge help came from a Michigan Muslim woman who gave up famous Dr Pepper Twitter handle in exchange of thousands of water bottles to the city where high levels of lead found in the city’s municipal water supply.

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