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Creative Quarter

Muslim Students Explore Science at Creative Quarter

UK school students including Muslim pupils flocked to shake hands with robots, create art from liquids and solids, and learn about the Bionic Man. Jennie Rawling of Imperial College London reported on November 21. During London’s Creative Quarter 2017, visitors attended demonstration lectures and took part in interactive exhibits. That’s beside learning about careers in science, technology, …

German State Halts Religious Lessons for Muslim Students

Muslim children have been denied the right to get religious lessons in schools in Germany’s most populated district North Rhine-Westphalia following a state court decision to ban Muslim associations from introducing these lessons.

US Muslim Women, Taking off Hijabs is Assault & Hate Crime

For millions of Muslim women and girls across the globe, wearing hijab is an important part of practicing their faith. The headscarf has also become a cultural symbol as well as a political tool, making those who choose to wear it susceptible to attack.

Combine Prayers

Can I Delay & Combine My Prayers Due To Exams?

Short Answer: Basically, yes. A very lengthy exam is an extenuating, rare circumstance wherein the dispensation to delay and combine prayers, usually reserved for traveling, would apply, much like it applies when one is sick. Asalamu Alaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. Dr. Shabir Ally from addresses this question in the video …

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