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Dr. Yasir Qadhi: Rethinking Islamic Education

Dr. Yasir Qadhi: Rethinking Islamic Education

There was a time when Islamic education was a leading torch bearer of knowledge and a shining example to the world. The, scholars of this Ummah mastered both the secular and religious sciences. The leaders of the world would look towards the Muslim Scholars for guidance in both religious and secular knowledge. Islamic Education Crisis? …

ICNA-MAS Conventions Opens in Washington, DC

The 44th Annual ICNA-MAS Convention 2019, one of the largest and most diverse Islamic conventions in North America, is set to open this Easter weekend, April 19-21, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. “With renowned speakers, amazing sessions and an incredible bazaar, the Easter weekend event provides thousands with unforgettable memories,” …

French Muslims Urged to Donate to Notre Dame Fund

Leading Muslim figures in France are calling upon the Muslim community to donate to the reconstruction efforts on Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral. “I think it is our obligation as citizens and as Muslims to participate in the reconstruction of this beautiful cathedral,” Kamel Kabtane, President of the Council of Rhone Mosques, a French department situated …

Towards Effective Mosques: Advice for Future Imams

Towards Effective Mosques: Advice for Future Imams

Future Imams need to remember that every precious and great thing requires hard work and huge efforts. No different to this is knowledge, even more so knowledge in Islam. It is the noblest thing in life; it can never be attained but through continuous work, staying up nights, repetition, giving up comforts and denying one’s enjoyments. …

Remembering 1,046 Years of Al-Biruni’s Contributions

You will definitely find his contributions in many fields; in astronomy, astrology, physics, anthropology, biology, chemistry, comparative sociology, history, geography, geology, mathematics, psychology, philosophy, and theology. He’s Abu Raihan Al-Biruni who’s often regarded as one of the greatest Muslim scientists of the medieval ages. The Pakistani scholar Hakeem Mohammed Saeed wrote in his Al-Biruni: Commemorative …

Muhammad ’Abdu: Father of Islamic Feminism and Critical Thought

Muhammad ’Abdu: Father of Islamic Feminism and Critical Thought

Muhammad ’Abdu was an Egyptian Islamic jurist, journalist, religious scholar and liberal reformer. He was regarded as one of the key founding figures of Islamic Modernism. ‘Abdu was born in 1849 to a Turkish father and an Arab mother in Egypt (Nile Delta) and grew up during the government of Muhammad ’Ali. At the age …

imams receive salary

Should Imams Receive a Salary or Have Full-time Jobs, Too?

Short Answer: Being an imam or scholar, and especially being a good one, requires full-time dedication. These men and women have families and responsibilities, so of course they should be paid a salary for their work for the Muslim community. But, they should not use their position to become rich or to pressure people to give …

Muslim Scholars: Palestinians Are Not Alone on Al-Aqsa

The Muslim Council of Elders discussed in their meeting in Dubai on Sunday, July 30, “stringent measures to end the Israeli occupation of Al Aqsa Mosque”, assuring Palestinians that they are not alone in their fight for Al-Aqsa mosque.

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How Can I Decide Which Scholar to Follow?

Salam Dear Sister, Thank you for this interesting question and for bringing up this important issue. A lot of new Muslims have the same dilemma. While they feel they need a spiritual leader, they also worry about following the wrong one, and I completely support them in that feeling. It’s dangerous to follow the wrong …

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