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Muslim Men Between Protectiveness & Selfish Jealousy

Muslim Men Between Protectiveness & Selfish Jealousy

One of the most incorrectly translated and misunderstood concepts related to social issues is that of gheerah. Commonly translated as ‘jealousy’, the term ‘gheerah’ has unfortunately been used to justify extremely controlling and even abusive behavior from men towards their wives or other women over whom they wield authority. A better translation of gheerah is ‘honorable protectiveness’ rather than jealousy. A …


'Why I'm Still Single?'- A Single Muslim Man Speaks Out

I have often wondered whether this is an active choice, a curse, or simply a matter of circumstance. At my age and from my cultural background almost everyone I know is married and has children. At times I wonder whether it is the lifestyle I have adopted, but at other times partition blame to the …

Muslim gentleman

Are You a ‘Muslim’ Gentleman?

More often than not, when we hear lectures around gender roles and responsibilities in Islam, these pertain to women. In the very few instances that we hear a lecture dealing with men or male responsibility, it’s done in a way where there is criticism, but no discussion of solution. We’re really good at pointing out …

UK “Modest Fashion” Brand Targets Muslim Men

JEDDAH – As modest fashion market grows worldwide, a UK-based fashion brand targeting Muslim men is set to make its first debut on the catwalk later this month in London’s Modest Fashion Week. “We have started a trend where they [Muslim men] feel comfortable wearing the kandora and don’t feel out of place in society …


What Do Men Really Want?

When a Muslim man is looking for a wife, what are the most important things that come to mind? That’s a difficult question to answer because what should come to mind is what the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) taught [i.e. to marry a religious woman]. But growing up in this society, we …

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