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Rights of the Elderly, Forgotten Treasures

Often young people do not really notice the elderly people. They are largely focusing on their own lives, trying to find the right career, get married, look “cool,” own a fancy mobile phone or car, or observe the latest trends of fashion. Unfortunately, young people do not always think about those who raised them up …


Righteous People Don’t Have Desires?

I remember when I first read the story of the marriage of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, to Zaynab bint Jahsh, the divorced wife of his adopted son Zaid ibn Haritha, may Allah be pleased with them. Although I was relatively young when I happened upon this story, I was deeply moved. I remember …


Let’s Talk About Sex

“In my family, my colleague told me proudly, “we had so much hayaa’ that my mother and all the girls would come to every prayer, even when we were menstruating. If we couldn’t pray, we would get dressed for prayer and sit in the row behind the men so that when our father and brothers …


What Do You See When You Look into Your Mirror?

When it comes to making changes designed to improve the quality of your life, it can sometimes be overwhelming to work on everything at the same time. You might want to make sure that your health is optimized, that your family is happy, that your career and finances are in order, that your relationship with …

Syrian woman

A Syrian Woman‘s Reflection: What Is the Truth?

The Eye Opening Truth That Will Change Your Life and Others As Well What You Don’t Know That is Causing Brutal Death…                After years and generations of avoiding conflict and bloodshed within the Middle East, Syria has turned into a land of battle. Syria, the country that sheltered cultural and religious diversities with respect, love …

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