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The Prophet & the Spider –The Story of Hijrah

The children gather around, waiting for the story to unravel. A story about a man running away – an escape plan – he is being hunted down – but there is a resolve – a new place – a peaceful place – called Madinah. Their Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was accompanied by …

Buffalo Picnic Brings Muslim Community Together - About Islam

Buffalo Picnic Brings Muslim Community Together

The main target of the picnic organized by the Western New York Muslims community is to give Muslim kids a chance to get together, adults to talk and show diversity in Buffalo’s growing Islamic community, WBFO reported. “It’s very important because they need to see that in the community there are other kids similar to …


Let Me Tell You about Hajar & Baby Ismail

“What are you doing under the bed, Yasseen?” Mommy asked. “I’m looking for my time machine! I need to go back in time! It’s VERY important!” Yasseen said, popping his head out from under the bed. “We have a project for school about a woman named ‘Hajar’. I must find out exactly what happened!” “So …

Prophet Ibrahim story

The Family of Prophet Ibrahim (Story for Kids)

The story of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and his family was filled with constant test and trials to prove their love and faith to Allah. As a result of their sacrifices, the blessings of their good actions are still present with this Ummah today. Hijrah to Allah Prophet Ibrahim, his wife Hajar and …

The Golden Rule On Sweets!

The Golden Rule On Sweets!

In this counseling answer: •Try to make sweets sometimes treat rather than every day. •Don’t use it as a reward anymore •Encourage your child to enjoy natural sweets and delicious foods like fruits, and emphasize that fruits not only taste great but also help to keep the body healthy and strong. •Give him a good …

“Strawberry Prayers”: A Lesson of Ramadan Love

“Strawberry Prayers”: A Lesson of Ramadan Love

My little brother loved strawberries. Whenever my father would come home with a cardboard box full of fruit, the sweet scent would seep through the slots on the side, and my little brother would come running. His chubby legs moved him swiftly up the stairs and landed him first to the dining room table, where …

My Daughter Doesn't Want to Pray

My Daughter Doesn't Want to Pray

In this counseling answer: “Children learn what they see, not what they hear. Since their eyes remember actions and their brains register pictures, perform your daily acts of worship (prayers, reciting Qur’an, fasting) and tell the truth in front of your child and allow your child to witness others also following Allah’s commandments. This can …

Muslim Girls Empowerment Organization Holds Poetry Workshop - About Islam

Muslim Girls Empowerment Organization Holds Poetry Workshop

NEW YORK – Stories play essential roles in a young person’s development and expressive abilities. Sharing one’s personal experiences is also significant in fostering humanity and building narratives as well as giving someone a chance to realize that they are not alone in their struggles. “We can see our full humanity, we can actually become …


"What Did You Say?"

I have a toddler who is very loud. She’s so loud that you can’t help but hear what she is saying (or demanding). Like when she is in the grocery store screaming for a chocolate bar. Or when she is in the masjid reading Surah Al-fatiha louder than the imam. Or when she is playing …

10 Tips for Children to Commemorate Prophet’s Life

10 Tips for Children to Commemorate Prophet’s Life

Talking about Prophet Muhammad’s life and following his footsteps should be a daily practice for Muslim families. We continue to love, respect and obey Prophet Muhammad, as the human being who was chosen by our Lord to perfect the religion of Islam. Here are ten tips to have your children learning about and the loving …

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